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wall covering ideas

Bored of your cold, pallid, empty walls? Break the blah and infuse some warmth and style to your boring walls with beautiful wall covers. The moment you decide to cover your walls, the first thing that comes to your mind is wallpapers and paints. But isn’t that something you find in every home? So what is that one thing that can make your home walls unique? Don’t you want your dream home to be unique and talk of the town? If yes, then it’s time you explored the world of wall covers. From porcelain tiles to wall rugs and from unique plasters to wood paneling, there are myriad ways in which you can transform your walls. Since there are no dearth of textures, patterns and styles when it comes to wall covers, you are free to choose and use up your imagination any way you want. There must always be someone who breaks a cliché; it’s your turn now to decorate your walls with a unique covering and make all heads stop and take notice.

Unique Wall Cover Ideas

Chalk It Up!
It’s worth investing on chalkboard walls if you have kids at home or one within you, where you can effortlessly liven up the walls with mindless doodles and erase them as you go about with simple yet sophisticated chalkboard paints that are easily available at the local stores. Coat your walls with this special paint and see the magic happen. A wooden molding can be used as a tray for the chalk. The result is that the kids can explore artistic works on the walls and you will not have to run behind them saying, ‘do not draw on the walls’.

Cork Board Tile Is A Great Option
Among the popular wall covering options list, cork board tiles stands tall. You can glue it to the walls with the help of spray adhesive or an exclusive epoxy. The kids can experiment with their creative skills by sticking pictures, posters and notes after the wall is covered with the corkboard tile. Plus, it takes care of the holes in the wall too.

CD Covering
One of the most popular wall covering options that you can get without much effort is CD’s. Buying boxes of CD from local convenient stores and gluing it to the walls using spray adhesive will create an excellent effect. You can turn the printed side of the CD towards the wall and glue it on to get best results. Or else, you can hang it on the thumb stacks. If you intend to create a storage solution and wall covering, you can hang the music CD’s of your children on the thumb stacks by showing the printed side. The result is, the kids can immediately find the CD they are looking for. Replacing CD’s with vinyl records, which you get from garage sales and flea markets and hanging it on the walls is also a good option. It is preferable to hang the records from thumb stacks instead of gluing it on the walls, which might damage them.

Fabric And Vinyl Place-mats
One of the most popular wall coverings, fabric and vinyl placemats can be glued to the wall using glue or a spray adhesive. It provides a great texture and patchwork that makes it the focal point of the room. It is also worth trying grass beach mats, which enhance the texture of the wall.

Upholstered Walls
Upholstered walls are also a great wall covering option. They are just stapled or pasted on the wall. Though installing them requires some time and hard work, they cover even the small imperfections in the wall and enhance the insulation in the room.

Fancy Wall Coverings
If you are good at making your own fancy patterns, try decorating the walls with beads that comes in different shapes and colors. Glue the colored beads to the wall in the shape and pattern that you desire. You can either make a border or cover the entire wall with beads.

Durable Wall Papers
You get ample options with regard to wallpapers as they remain as one of the most preferred wall covering options. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and style, wallpapers helps to modify the shape of the room and set the color scheme. If maintained properly, wallpapers, in most of the cases, withstand the test of time, as there are a plenty of options such as pre-pasted, washable or strippable.

Paneling is one of the preferred ways for wall covering. Paneling can be done by using sheet paneling and solid board and can transform the entire look of your walls. Highly durable and economical, it has a variety of finishes and textures. Though suitable for all rooms, it is better to use it for fair sized rooms. If you have a small apartment, paneling is not suitable for your home.

Wall covering is an art that reflects your personality. So, let it shine through with the various wall-covering options mentioned above. By doing that, you can easily create an exclusive dream home to match your style. Anyway, we don’t construct too many houses in a lifetime! So don’t fear to make a dive.