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victorian decor ideas

If you have always dreamt of living in a beautiful vintage home filled with fine antiques, regal lightings, floor-to-ceiling draperies and rich furnishings, here is your chance to live your dream. Victorian home décor is all about rich textures and bright hues, ornate antique furniture, luxurious fabrics, over-the-top fixtures, ornate architecture, expensive finishes and anything and everything that screams luxury. If you are a follower of minimalism, then this is simply not the décor for you. The Victorians era was mainly known for its orderliness and classic ornamentation that is well reflected in their décor too. The Victorians believed that “emptiness” revealed poor taste and status and hence, they stacked their rooms with heavy furniture and furnishing and every available corner of their homes overflowed with knick-knacks. All said and done, nothing says timeless elegance like Victorian homes. Step back in time, get inspired by Victorian home décor ideas, and give your home a classic twist.

Victorian Decorating Ideas

In ancient days, the only available source of heat was the fireplace to keep the house warm. As there was no electricity, radiators or central heating facilities, most of the homes had fireplaces. If you would love to incorporate the Old Victorian charm in any room, installing a fireplace may be the easy answer. You can go for any plain, polished fireplace with carved brackets and simple motifs on the corners. Well, if you think fireplaces are impractical, then installing a faux fireplace with a marble finish or wooden fireplace painted like marble would just do the trick for you.

If you love the ambiance of Victorian style homes, but dread the maintenance and clutter, then getting just a few pieces of furniture in traditional style will work for you. Investing on ornate and luxurious looking couches, chairs, and armoires brilliantly accessorized and decorated will be a wise idea. You can also pick refinished antiques from the ancient antique shops or the flea markets.

Jewel Tones
The Victorians painted their rooms according to the importance and utility of the rooms. If you wish to replicate the same effect, then start by painting the hallways along with the stair walls in shades of sober gray. Victorians mainly sought intense jewel tones for their walls. You can choose from a variety of emerald green, ruby or even sapphire for your living room walls. Just like the name, these rich hues will impart richness to the home décor and make for a unique visual treat. They serve to act as a glowing background for the linens as well.

You will find yourself drawn to heavily carved Victorian antique, but they might burn a hole in your pocket. Never mind if the antique furniture seems too big for your pocket. You can still recreate the grandeur of Victorian décor with the less expensive wicker furniture. When combined with lacy pillows and rich, dazzling upholstery, they will seem to glow, giving an elegant feel with accentuated beauty.

In order to add Victorian charm and appeal to your house, you can choose from a wide range of color palette. You can play with deep hues, neutrals, pastels to recreate desired effect and feel. In order to integrate Victorian style of decoration, opt for bright shades in upholstery and for the wall coverings. This will add texture and richness to your rooms.

During the Victorian era, the furniture was made of exotic yet heavy woods, whereas today the Victorian style is worked upon cheaper materials. You can use velvet, leather, and other luxurious fabrics to match up to your Victorian décor.

Wall Paper
Going by the Victorian style of décor, you may find wall papers designed in floral patterns with background filled with red, blue and yellow hues. These wallpapers were influenced by the Gothic art in the earthy tones following the leaf and floral patterns. You can incorporate wallpapers and bright, bold, brilliant patterns to add some hue and texture to your rooms.

When you are decorating using Victorian style, make sure that ample lighting is used. Keep aside some pretty bucks for purchasing a vintage chandelier. Chandeliers were the highlights of most Victorian homes. Adding one to your living room or dining room can transform the look and feel of your home completely. Be it the wall sconces or the small light bulbs in the shape of candle flames, both help to set up a romantic atmosphere.

Carpets can help recreate a feel of opulence and were used extensively in Victorian homes. You can go for a heavily designed rug or carpet in red, dark green, pink or white. Mostly it contained three-dimensional designs of flowers, animals and also various geometric motifs.

Front Doors
Be careful while selecting a good quality front door, as there may be cheap models of Victorian style doors. For a better and huge Victorian house, use a hardwood, invariably painted door.

To encapsulate the Victorian charm in your home, you need to be cautious as well as well informed about the style. With some effort and replacement, you can very well fulfill the dream of owning a Victorian home.