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Summer Home Decor

Summer, the most energetic and active of all seasons, brings happiness and fun along with it. Characterized by bright sun and vibrant atmosphere, incorporating summer décor within your homes is possibly the best way to enjoy the season without stepping outdoors. Summer home interiors should ideally be heat- and light- reflecting, to relieve the heat, which is the unendurable side of this season. Easy alterations in the decors, hues and window treatments will help you deal with the long, warm summer days. Remember to maintain a balance between the elements to create a perfect summer interior without going overboard while decorating your home to welcome summer. Summer theme based interiors with carefully picked up décor is the perfect way to bring the ecstatic nature inside home. You may opt for a comprehensive change in your interior with a complete replacement of furniture and other decors or a minor change with replacement of some selected décor pieces that could bring about change without causing much expenditure. Also, the case is different if you are building a new summer home or just restyling it temporarily for this season. Read on and find information about how to décor a new summer home and how to re-style existing interior.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Building A New Summer Home

    • Summer home is all about letting in loads of sun and breeze. So heavy drapes are a complete no-no! Instead, invest on some sheer, pretty curtains that would allow you to enjoy the sunshine and light wind without disrupting the privacy of your room. Rooms should be designed to allow lots of air circulation to help you keep your homes cool in summer.
    • White is always a good option as it reduces the effect of heat, but you can try some light colors to avoid going overtly light.
    • Bring souvenirs of your outdoor activities and keep it inside your summer home. If you are out for a beach walk, collect some shells and bring home. Also, change your bathroom to a summer tent by hanging swimming goggles. Try cooling shades like white, almond, light pink, etc. for a summery look.
    • Keep seasonal flowers to add elegance to your interiors. Flowers are the perfect way to bring summer freshness into any room. Choose your favorite glass vase or colorful ceramic jug and fill it with local beauties from your garden or the farmer’s market. Are you a bold sunflower? Elegant rose? Get adventurous and find the flower that reflects your personality.
    • Removable slipcovers or decorative throws that bursts with brightness could be an excellent choice for this sunny season.
    • Summer is the best time to deck up your interiors with bright aromatic flowers and fruit/floral centerpieces. Natural materials like bamboo, hemp, and jute could bring a rustic touch to your interiors.
    • Views are very important to create an ambiance — windows opening to plain green grassy land or other such natural splendor could bring happiness and energy to your home. If you don’t have one such window, try hanging a good painting or picture instead, as they provide almost similar vibrations.

Restyling Your Home
Restyling existing home interiors to create a summer theme is a bit tricky because you need to be creative and thoughtful to change existing furnishing into a completely different theme. If not dealt with wisely, it could turn out to be an expensive deal for you.

If you want to change your existing interior to a summer-based theme, then you should go for a complete makeover of your interiors, replacing the furnishing with something that complements with the upcoming summer season. Anything dark that reminds about winter should be removed; be it a velvet pillow cover, wool throws or dark leather furnishing.

Repaint Home
Just give it a touch with a paintbrush dipped in summery paints like lemon yellow, apple green, or sky blue.

Revive Look
Bring in the natures outside, deck up your interior with seasonal plants rather than struggling to maintain winter plants in this season.

Go Creative
Give your home your touch. It could be easily done with something simple like upholstering the chairs with a summer-color cloths.

Add White
White brings light inside your interior, it reflects light; this is the science behind it. Add something white to your interior, be it furniture, curtains or wall paint.

Bring Nature Inside
Hang some summer paintings on the walls. You may also consider painting the shelves and side tables with some bright botanical prints.

Dazzling Display
Choose some display units decked with pretty floral designs. If your budget allows, you may even consider getting some plates and kitchenware with yellow or other summer-colored floral prints.

Floral Fiesta
Set up a floral arrangement with summer flowers, another attempt to bring in the nature. It could be wonderful if you could get sunflowers. However, do not get upset if you couldn’t find sunflowers, any light-colored summer flowers will do.

Are you still maintaining a fireplace? You don’t need fire inside home now, do you? Then why maintain a fireplace? Remove the fired log and place an artificial fountain or fern. This could be easily removed during the next winter, giving way to logs and fire again.

Shop A Bit
It is a good idea to shop from summer market for interesting curios that could complement the season creating a perfect summer mood inside your home. Architectural artifacts, garden ornaments, flowery china plates, ironstone pitchers, etc. are perfect for summer.

Develop Themes
It could be better if you could find a good summer theme for your interior. It could be anything related to summer, ranging from fruits and flowers to insects to marine themes and more. If you are selecting a theme, make sure that your furniture upholsteries, curtain and decors co-ordinate with the theme.

Now you have a fair idea on how to decorate your home this summer. Plan it according to your budget.