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study room design ideas

When you want to escape the clutches of mundane affairs, don’t you feel like fleeing to your study to follow the footsteps of Thoreau and spend some time to get in touch with your inner self? Isn’t your study the most viable refuge during such times? Whether it is reading your favorite book, enjoying your favorite movie, completing some office assignment, just dozing off or introspecting away from the chaos and noise of the world, a study room offers you a space that is entirely yours. Plus, a well-done study room can at times double up as a hangout zone or even home office. Considering the multi-functional nature of study rooms, it’s important that your study has ample storage and work space. Also, it’s important to make right choices regarding wall colors, furnishings, lightings, etc. You must pick every design component to make your study the place where you can spend some unruffled moments. Read the article to get some fine study room design ideas.

Design Ideas For Study Room

The Furniture
Get some cozy recliner chairs or lounge chair and couch with classy designs, such as a massager and headphones on the headrest side, for a comfortable and relaxing experience while reading. To add to the grace and flamboyance of your study room, bring in a coffee table. That way you will be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while reading. Look for small tables to be used as end tables and a coffee table. Go for woods that match the desk and bookcases, but it is not essential to buy a matching set of two end tables and a coffee table. Better look for such pieces which co-ordinate but do not match. It will help to induce a more relaxing and casual feeling rather than a strict formal one. If you wish, you may also install a nice flat screen LCD or LED television with a DVD player to enjoy your favorite movies. A desk or computer table is an essential component of a study room. A modern interior design necessitates a contemporary desk such as a glass and metal piece. You can also choose a traditional desk of dark elegant wood for a flamboyant study room decor.

Light And Colors
Make sure to install a light system that can be dimmed down if you want to watch a movie or just lie down musing and dimmed up while reading a book, when adequate amount of light is necessary. Install windows that allow just enough natural light. The interior walls should be painted with soft and fresh colors to lend a vibrant look to your study décor. Make sure that the wall colors are easy on the eyes and give a comforting effect whenever you enter the room. You can pick from colors like green, cream or sunny yellow, for a cheerful feel. Try neutral shades and floral prints for more bright effect. If you prefer a clean look, you can opt for strips, checks and lines. To give your study a more conventional look, go for blinds instead of curtains. However, if you are enamored by dark colors, consider painting half of the wall in a darker hue and the other half in creamy neutral. Hang chair rail to divide the two colors. Another option is to paint one of the walls with dark color and the rest of the walls with the same color, but a few shades lighter.

Green Study Room
Try to include some greenery into your study room. Fill the empty places with indoor plants.The presence of natural elements will increase the oxygen inflow and you will feel more relaxed and tranquil. However, make sure that you do not overwhelm your room with too many plants, lest bees might hum their way through your ear, breaking the stillness and peace of the room and agitating your mind.

A study can’t be said to be complete without books. Furnish your study room with an elegantly designed bookshelf with plenty of space to accommodate all your books. It may not be possible to fill the entire shelf right away. However, the vacant spaces can be filled with knickknacks or picture frames. Make sure that your bookcase synchronizes with the overall style of your study or the entire house. Purchase enough bookcases to fill one wall of your study. Ensure that the doors are not blocked after you place the bookshelves. Always attach bookcases to the wall using anchors and screws so that when your pet or your kids climb, the shelves don’t tip over.

These were a few great ideas to transform your extra home space into a comfy study room. While most homes keep this space as an appendage, know that a well-done study could be your ultimate retreat on those weary nights.