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scandinavian home decor

Characterized by class, elegance and simplicity, the popularity of Scandinavian style of interior decoration is hard to beat. Focusing on livability and comfort, this style of home interior is suitable for anybody who considers home as a cozy place to share their thoughts, happiness and grief and not just a walled place to spend their nights. Predominantly white, Scandinavian interiors symbolize simplicity. Organized with streamlined shelving units and other thoughtful usage of furniture, Scandinavian interiors are much ahead of any other interior pattern. Though planned according to the snow-covered Scandinavian nature, the perfection and organization of interiors, can be adapted into other locales too. Pleasingly embellished with bright white walls, maple flooring, simple fabrics, classic furniture forms, and a few but unique art, Scandinavian interiors can surely transform your disheveled den into a pleasant place to live in. Check out the section below for more ideas and inspiration on Scandinavian home décor.

Scandinavian Home Design Ideas

Features Of Scandinavian Furnishing

Elegantly designed with clean lines and simple color ways, Scandinavian furnishing is characterized by sparkling beauty. Highlighted by extravaganza of natural light woods, Scandinavian furnishing has evolved as one of the classiest interior furnishing around the globe. The Scandinavian interiors are simple, elegant and comfortable with lots of furry decks to provide warmth in the cold atmosphere. You may either opt for these furry deck pieces or replace it with something that goes well with the climatic conditions of your surroundings. White painted chairs and sleek contemporary lighting are characteristics of this style, which in a sense, is a replica of Scandinavian nature. Being a mix of vintage and handcrafted pieces and contemporary art, Scandinavian interior is a perfect blend of traditional and modern interior patterns. Decked with hand-knitted pillows, throws, and animal-heed articles, Scandinavian style stays very near to nature. Antlers and other natural elements find place in this kind of interior arrangement. Elegant and highly functional decors make it one of the most sought after interior design patterns in the world.

Scandinavian Interiors

Color Scheme: Scandinavian interiors advocate neutral hues such as white, beige and pale blue. Light green may also find place in Scandinavian interior color palette. To add a splash of color, you may try bold color patterns in the neutral shaded backdrop.
Furniture: Elegantly carved out of lightly stained natural woods, Scandinavian furniture speaks simplicity. Dominated with white or pale shades of yellow, the furniture is designed in such a way that it complements the Scandinavian nature. Minimally upholstered and cushioned, emphasizing the simplicity, the furniture is highly affordable.
Fabrics: To go well with the interior painting and furniture, it is better to pick up natural and light color fabrics for a Scandinavian-inspired interior. Floral patterned or striped fabrics can be used for furniture, drapes and for accent pieces like toss pillows.
Flooring: Dominated by wooden finish, Scandinavian interiors speak elegance. Light and bleached hardwood floorings are the popular choices, while white-painted hardwood decorated with stencils can also be seen. Rugs, especially furred rugs add tint of luxury to the otherwise simple interiors.
Accents: Simplicity being the slogan of Scandinavian interiors, heavy ornamentation and accent pieces may not find place here. However, simple designed table lamps, cast iron lighting fixtures, chandeliers and wall sconces are generally acceptable. Floral window screens or room dividers can be added without damaging the simplicity.

How To Arrange Rooms In Scandinavian Style

Living Room
The most important room in your home — your living room — could be made more eye-catching with mesmerizing Scandinavian decorative elements. Simple photos add to the elegance of the cozy and welcoming Scandinavian home interiors. Characterized with good natural light, wooden accented furnishing and flooring, animal inspired furred rugs and curios inspired from nature – decking up your living room with Scandinavian accent is just like bringing the nature inside. Vivid colorful pillows, delightful floral printed accents and captivating floral arrangements are characteristics of a well-arranged Scandinavian living room. Cozy and comfortable, Scandinavian living room is just perfect for friendly gatherings and formal assemblies.

Bringing the Alpine feel to your personal moments, Scandinavian bedrooms are the most romantic style you can ever opt for. The elegance added by the snowflake rug on the wooden floor cannot be beaten down by any other bedroom décor pattern. Scandinavian bedrooms are characterized with a simple low-level coat without any head board or foot board.

Decked up with typical pale and cool color palettes, a Scandinavian kitchen pattern brings in European style into your home. Hued predominantly in shades of white and matte, brought to perfection with soft finished surfaces, it provides you with wonderful kitchen interior you can be proud of. Scandinavian kitchen is a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. Good storage space, big kitchen sink, nice cabinets and a nice bookcase to keep your cookbooks in order makes it one of the most comfortable patterns for kitchen.

Wood is an indispensable part of Scandinavian bathrooms. It could be accented on your floor, cabinets, bath panel or anything for that matter. Wood of course, is expensive and if you find it far beyond your budget, you can switch over to wood effect floor tiles that not only provides a similar grain and texture of wood, but also frees you from the headache of maintenance.

You are now introduced to a pleasing interior plan, which can be adopted with relevant alterations, to embellish your sweet home. You have put in great effort to build your dream home and that effort should be complemented with alluring interior to give it a royal touch. After all, it is your dream home and you don’t want to compromise on anything.