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Rustic Decorating Ideas

Beautiful, warm and inviting, rustic interiors have their own charm. Simple in appearance and comfortable in usage, no other interior pattern can offer as welcoming an atmosphere as rustic pattern does. As with any other interior decoration, furnishing plays an important role in lending the perfect ambience to your interiors. However, there are certain things that can accentuate the rustic look — rustic lighting is the most important among them. If you do not want to create rustic look in the whole interior, you may opt it for any specific room like bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Importantly, painting should complement the interior theme. Talking about accessories, any interesting or unique rustic décor pieces could find space, but do not go overboard. Maintaining balance is very important as it alone could turn an alluring interior to just crowded or boring. Give your interior a calming and relaxing feel with rustic touch, it is worth it. Read on and find more interesting ideas for a rustic interior.

Rustic Interior Decorating Ideas

To create a perfect rustic backdrop, it is important that you choose earthy hues to bring out the natural element, which is the soul of this theme. Honey-colored natural wooden shades go well with this theme. Deep brown, cream, rust and shades of green are advisable. If you want to go for bright colors, deep, dark blue or yellow are good options.

Furnishing plays an important role in executing theme based interior designs successfully. Characterized by simplicity and elegance, rustic furniture made of knotted wooden planks, distressed leather, etc. create perfect rustic look.

Hardwood flooring could complement your theme by imparting a natural and refined look. You may also place rugs and floor carpets with natural colors and nature prints to add-on to the effect.

There are endless rustic accessories available to deck up your interiors. Here are some of them:

Rustic Lamp Shades: Lampshades with floral prints and animal prints goes well with the theme. Brown, cream or white lampshades are advisable than bright-colored ones.
Chandeliers: Original and faux antler chandeliers or metal chandeliers are ideal for rustic interiors. Other lighting options are hanging swags, ceiling light fixtures, rustic pendants and sconces.
Metal Art: Metal art is a good option to add rustic element to the interiors
Mirrors: Wooden and leather framed mirrors are used to add ambience to the rustic interiors. Casual style reflecting simplistic charm adds to the simplicity of the interior arrangements. Wood and leather framed mirrors lead the preferences.
Picture Frames: Rustic, natural picture frames could be a brilliant choice for your theme.
Wallpaper: Wallpaper is often found in rustic interiors, adding elegance to the arrangements. You may opt for floral designs, animal patterns, sceneries, foliage, etc. for the wallpapers.
Furniture: Rustic furniture made of sticks, twigs or logs provides a natural look that complements the simplicity of your interior.
Weathervanes: Weathervanes are brilliant options to add rustic flavor to your interiors. They not only detect the direction of wind but also add rustic elegance to your home. It is generally constructed with rust-free aluminum and includes an adjustable aluminum rooftop-mounting base.

Add Rustic Touch To Your Rooms
Rustic Style Bedroom
Antique furniture, natural wood and rough look—this is what rustic bedroom is admired for. To create a perfect rustic look, you need to choose natural shades on the walls and wooden plank flooring. Furniture should be of wooden finish with rustic surfaces.

Rustic Style Living Room
Living room plays an important role in making those ‘first impression’ about your home and so, there is no room for mistake here. Everything between floor and roof should wear a rustic look and you need to work hard to achieve that. Opt for furniture with crude wooden finish for maximum effect. Décor accessories like heirlooms, antiques, wall accents, lampshades, etc. are acceptable, but should essentially bear a rustic character.

Rustic Style Kitchen
You could give a complete rustic look to your kitchen with old wagon wheel to hang up utensils, old window frames to hang up kitchen accessories, etc. Pinewood kitchen cabinets and stone counter tops are perfect fit for a rustic kitchen.

Rustic Style Dining Room
To create rustic dining room, opt for a big wooden plank table with armchairs, if space permits, or else go for small round table. It is a good idea to have a dining table with wheeled top with glass and matching chairs. As far as lighting is concerned, rustic style ceiling lights are good option.

Rustic Style Bathroom
With sensible selection of natural earthy paints, wooden counter tops, wall claddings, marble basins and cladded marble tubs, creating a rustic style bathroom is a pleasure. Rich and natural color fixtures that look like handcrafted items offer rustic style touch to your bathroom. Place a window in bathroom with golden or dark wood color frame to get the perfect rustic ambience.

Rustic interiors are the perfect choice if you are looking for a simple and cozy interior, which could provide you with a warm abode. Yes, this is the perfect theme for a simple, peaceful family.