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Popular Exterior Paint Colors

All of us wish to have the best paint colors for our home exteriors. Not only does it enhance the beauty of a home, but also ups its resale value manifold. However, dearth of ideas regarding exterior paint colors often makes the choice difficult. It is essential to consider aspects like size, style, construction materials and color of the roof before you select an exterior paint. By defining your requirements and considering your neighbourhood, you can choose your favourite primary color. While choosing colors, there are also chances that you might get confused due to the multitude of color options in the market. Do remember that colors such as white, off-white and cream are the most popular among lighter shades while brown stands atop the list of darker shades. While bright colors suit urban settings, colonial homes look great in classic colors like white, taupe and gray. However, just take a glance at the surroundings and choose the color that is appealing to you. Read through.

Exterior House Colors

As per surveys conducted by Sears Weatherbeater Paints, white stands atop in the most popular exterior colors list. Almost 40 per cent people prefer white as the primary color for the exteriors of their home. The least preferred colors are red and yellow. White paint makes a house look more expansive and also makes sunlight reach the shady yards. The added advantage of white is that it is a clean color, which complements other colors well and has the capability to personalize with velar borders.

Neutral Shades
Do you wish to make your home look modern and fresh? Then, you can opt for colors such as tan, clay, cream, beige or gray. You can also use tones of white on trim and also use a contrasting shade on doors and windows for more appeal. For example, a deep gray-blue door looks elegant on a light gray house with white trim.

Dark Colors
Though light colors are ideal for home exteriors, it tends to fade out soon. Light shades like white and tan reveals the cracks, fissures and tiny flaws of an old home, thus highlighting the imperfections that led to a disappointing finish. In that case, opting for medium and dark shades such as tan, gray, brown and blue is a wise move. If your house is built of stone or brick, you can have the trim painted in deep green, dark red or Williamsburg blue. This is because dark shades tend to hide the dirt in a better way.

Blue Is The Best
Blue is always a favorite color for home exteriors. It is also good to use blue as a primary color for the whole house, with white tints in between. Blue has plenty of shades. You can opt for one depending on your preference or the climatic conditions of the place where you live. In places with open and bright landscapes, bright and vivid blue would look great. Deeper gray blue complements landscapes filled with evergreens. Here, this shade goes well with the sky of the seasonal weather. Ensure not to consider dark shades such as dark blue as they absorb more heat than in normal occasions.

Green For Your House
Is your house surrounded by natural elements? Then, painting your house in green would be a good option. Opting for red tones on green would further accentuate its appeal.

Roof Color
You can take inspiration from the roof to determine whether brick, stone or wood must be incorporated into the exterior of the house. Warm colors like burgundy or pastel yellow would complement a gray roof, while light versions of gray would pair well with medium blue. Using a white or an off-white color would serve as a good contrast with a black roof along with deep brick red. A light neutral color would also suit if the roof is tan, brick or stone in color.

Yellow And Conventional Colors
To achieve an attractive appearance, yellow is a suitable color. If you are hesitant to experiment with exterior paint colors, picking colors like off-white, beige, brown, and other shades would be good. While trims painted in light shades reflect more sunlight, black is popular as paint for windows and curves. If you have a medieval style house, using burgundy red and gray would be an excellent idea.

If you wish to add a touch of mild tint to your home, go for pastel-colored exterior paint. It looks gorgeous on those houses that have a tattered or a country decor. Among the popular pastels are light sky blue, pale yellow, pale rose and pale sage. If you want to go for a bright pastel, try lavender or a light coral.

Bold Colors
If are comfortable using bold colors, opt for shades like cobalt blue, turquoise, burgundy, bright yellow, emerald green and cherry red. These colors will provide your home with a modern or contemporary look.

Vinyl Siding Colors
There are vinyl siding colors that come in a wide array of choices and offer limited maintenance. They range from delicate shades of blue to dramatic shades of midnight blue. Choosing an apt color also depends upon the size of your house. While smaller homes look bigger in lighter shades such as pale yellow or vanilla, compact sized homes appear smaller in dark colors. Two-storied homes look good in colors such as terra cotta and heather gray. Those houses that lack sunlight looks best in antique white or creamy beige while light colors pair well with dark sliding.

A beautiful home is the dream of many. If picking anyone of the above-mentioned colors leads you towards it, why hesitate?