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outdoor flooring ideas

Most people tend to direct their entire focus and financial resources in decking up the interiors of their house, often overlooking the outdoors. However, one must remember the saying that the face is the mirror of the soul. An outdoor space of the house is the index of its interiors and therefore, is of great significance. Even if rarely the focal point of an outdoor living space, outdoor flooring is almost always in view. The right flooring choice is extremely crucial to accentuate your outdoor furniture, outdoor decor, and color scheme. People generally put all their attention on decorating and accessorizing their outdoors and completely overlook the flooring. You must keep in mind that dull and boring flooring is enough to mar the entire effort put in to make your homes appear glamorous and vibrant. There are certain considerations to be made before you go for particular flooring regarding durability and economic viability, etc. Read the article below to get detailed information on all outdoor flooring ideas.

Outdoor Flooring Options

Concrete Flooring
Concrete is undoubtedly the most popular outdoor flooring choice. The reason behind its popularity is that it is inexpensive, durable and can sustain in all climatic conditions. It also offers the flexibility of being painted or stained. You can further adorn the concrete design by stamping imprints of leaves, flowers, and other intricate patterns.

Brick Flooring
Like concrete, bricks are also very popular choice for outdoor flooring. Like concrete, it is durable and weather resistant and thus, can last for quite a number of seasons. One advantage of brick flooring is that it possesses a good traction, which makes it less slippery, even when it is wet. Unlike concrete, brick flooring is easy to repair, as only the damaged piece needs to be replaced. Brick flooring also renders the luxury of creating numerous patterns such as basket weave, pinwheel, herringbone, flanders weave, etc. Another wonderful feature of brick flooring is that it can be fused with other flooring elements such as stone and concrete.

Stone Flooring
Stone can also be used to make your outdoor look stunning. Stone flooring comes in numerous shapes, colors, sizes and types. It is highly durable and can withstand any weather condition. However, the cost will depend on the type of stones you choose. There is ample scope for designing too as flooring can be laid in various patterns by mixing and matching different stones. Stone flooring can be further embellished by fusing with other outdoor floorings such as brick and concrete. Most commonly, the stones used for outdoor flooring are marble, granite, travertine and slate. Marble and granite can be extremely slippery as they become too smooth when polished. On the other hand, stones such as travertine and slate that are not polished or cut smoothly offer good traction.

Rubber Tiles
Rubber tiles are the best option for those who have children at home, as they are not slippery and offer a cushiony feeling underfoot. Plus, they are inexpensive, easy to install and offer a wide range of color options. You can experiment with different color rubber tiles to create a check board effect.

Wooden Flooring
For a more elegant and classy outdoor flooring, you may go for wooden flooring. They come in a great variety such as mahogany, teak and pine, etc., with each variety offering a unique look. Though wood floorings are somewhat expensive, they are quite easy to maintain and have a long life. You can choose from different wooden planks to create a variety of designs. You may also look for pre-cut woods in lumber or hardware stores to achieve an intricate geometric floor pattern.

Slate Flooring
To impart a rustic feeling to your outdoors, you may go for slate flooring. It looks rough and tough and renders an antiquated and rustic look.

Deck Flooring
Deck flooring is also a fine outdoor flooring choice for a lavish look.You may also fuse it with elements such as grass.

Floating Interlock Laminate Flooring
One more fabulous option for outdoor flooring is floating interlock laminate flooring. Although this flooring does not adhere to the floor, you can make it stay at one place by interlocking it to the floor. It renders the same feeling as that of wooden flooring.

Some More Outdoor Flooring Ideas

    • Concrete and grass outdoor flooring offers a landscape design to your outdoor space with some amazing geometric patterns.
    • Pebble mosaic flooring is also a splendid outdoor flooring option. It offers you the liberty of creating some unique and stupendous designs with pebbles of different colors, sizes and shapes.
    • One more great option for a fabulous outdoor is laminate flooring or ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic tiles are best suited for the outdoor spaces that are subjected to moisture, for example an outdoor kitchen. However, it is also good for other enclosed spaces such as the sun-room or screened in porch. Both options offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Different types of outdoor flooring have been mentioned in the article above with their pros and cons. Read it carefully and pick one depending on your preference and budget.