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old world style decor

The old world style decor is characterized by extreme elegance, warmth and comfort. The rich colors like maroons, olives, navy blues and burgundies used in this kind of decor truly helps to bring out the regal look, which this decor is so-much coveted for. Whether it is the colors or textures, old world style decor concentrates on a natural appearance. However, apart from the natural look, a refined and royal feel is what also defines this decor. Such decor always looks very attractive and suits both masculine and feminine tastes. The rich palette, polished surfaces, luxurious fabrics, and the sophistication in the architecture creates the fantastic old world ambience. This old world style of decor never has and never will be considered a design trend of the old world only, for it is still a much appreciated by anyone with a refined taste. Go through some of the interesting old world style décor ideas highlighted below and get incorporating them in your own home.

Decorating Old World Style
Whether it is the floors, walls or ceilings, the colors and textures needed to design the perfect old world style décor in an elegant manner are discussed below.

The Architecture
The architecture of the house should be more sophisticated with arched windows and doorways. The cornice crowning the building must be very intricate and well defined. Even faux crossbeams in darker shades can be used to line the ceiling of the house. Amongst the dark hues and heavy furniture, these curves and bends introduce some feminine elegance to the home.

The Furnishing
Dark stained furnishing made of wood like oak and mahogany conforms to the color palette and the natural look needed to recreate old world charm. Dining and console tables with intricate handcrafted wooden frames along with the sofas and chairs upholstered with fabric in deep and dark colors looks great. Deep and dark colored sofas in shades of brown or black can also be added. Reclaimed wooden tables with wooden benches with storage space can be used. Rustic wrought iron furniture in the bedrooms also gives a desired look.

The Floor
Dark wooden flooring is a great option for such a décor. Even rustic tiles or elegant stonework on the floors is a good option. The flooring of the tiles can be of a pale color with additions of darker shaded tiles to add more accents. Luxurious carpets and rugs made of fine silks with intricate designs really bring out the rich look.

The Walls
Creating the right walls is essential to creating the perfect old world style décor. Adding the dark natural colors to the walls really works. The walls can be painted with creamy white or beige and one of the walls in the room can be highlighted with a dark and deep color. A faux finish or stucco finish on the walls also helps to create the right appeal. Having scenic murals painted on of the walls in the room can enhance the essence of the old world style décor. Bringing in the colors and sceneries from the outside world, into the home is what old world style décor is all about.

The Fabrics
The fabrics used for the upholstery, curtains and runners should be in deep rich colors. Fabrics like pure cotton or luxurious silks and velvets with floral patterns along with an interesting mix of spots and stripes work great. Embellishments like tassels, fringes, beads and laces should also be added to the fabric work to introduce a regal effect.

The Accessories And Artifacts
As always, no form of décor is complete with just chairs and table. The right accessories are needed to bring out the complete look of any décor. A wide variety of antiques made of brass or bronze can be used to decorate the home. A bit pricey and not easily available, care should be taken in picking out the genuine antique pieces. Textured vases made of wrought iron or ceramic in deep hues or even pastels can be used for flower arrangements using silk flowers or real blooms. Old European artwork of stills or sceneries can be used to highlight the walls. Beautiful rugs or carpets can also be used as decorative pieces for the walls.

The old world style of décor is all about bringing the nature and beauty that lies in the open air into the home. Intensive woodwork and the colors that represent the nature’s beauty glorify the old world style of décor. These ideas and tips on decorating the old world style should help you dress your home in elegance.