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mudroom ideas

A mudroom is a common concept in American homes. However, many households elsewhere are also adopting the idea of having a mudroom. The mudroom acts as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors of a house. It is treated as a secondary casual entry into the house where one can remove footwear, outwear or any wet clothing before entering the main house. Not only for the people living in the house, the room comes in handy for animals too. If trained well, they learn to brush their bodies and paws here before entering the house. With the walls and floors made of concrete and tiles, the surfaces in the mudroom ought to be easy to clean. If you don’t already have a mudroom in the house yet, it is easy to introduce an additional one without much difficulty. So, if you already have a mudroom or are considering introducing one, go through some of these interesting mudroom ideas.

Deciding On The Size
Well, the size of the mudroom depends on the size of your house and on the budget too. However, while considering introducing a mudroom in the house, do not be stingy with the space as it won’t be an easy task if you have to remove all the wet garments and pull out the wet boots in a 6×6 room. So the bigger and spacious the mudroom, the better it is.

Easy To Maintain Floors And Walls
The mudroom should always have walls and floors, which can be cleaned up easily. It should also be durable, as the surfaces in the mudroom will be going through a lot, from water, mud, dirt, paw prints and much more. Tiled walls and flooring made of vinyl, tile or concrete works best for such rooms. However, if you want to go for paint on the walls, then enamel paint is the best, as any dirt can be cleaned of easily from these walls.

Having A Place To Sit
If you want to pullout those wet gumboots, it won’t be quite convenient if you don’t have a place to sit and do it. So, a place to sit — be it a bench or an inbuilt sit on — will do.

Good Storage Space
A mudroom should always have ample storage space to store things like coats, boots, umbrellas, sports equipment, and other things. There can be high cabinets or drawers beneath the benches to stash the things well. A closet with bifold doors saves on the space taken by the swinging of the doors. Hence, it is an ideal consideration.

Enough Light
A mudroom should have enough light and this can be decided by the size of the room. Depending on the size of the room, the mudroom can probably be used as a laundry room too. So having ample amount of artificial lighting and as much as natural light should be taken into consideration while designing the room.

Having Enough Pegs
A mudroom should always have enough pegs to hang the coats and jackets. Also, any wet clothing can be hung on the hanger so that it dries up soon. Hooks in the mudroom is also the perfect solution of keeping the place tidy, as folding and placing clothing in the shelf is much more of a tedious task as compared to the simple act of hanging it on the peg.

A Sink And A Drain
Having a sink in the mudroom serves as a place to clean up before entering the house. If you need some rinsing and washing to be done or want to clean the dirt from the boots, a source of running water can be very handy. You wouldn’t like to clean up such a mess in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

It’s very convenient to have some source of heating in the mudroom. It can either be detached heaters or radiant floor heating. A heating system in the mudroom works towards drying up any footwear, socks or jackets easily. It also gives a very cozy feel to the entire place.

A convenient part of the house where you are allowed to walk in with wet clothes and allowed to kick of the dirty gumboots, having a mudroom can be quite a boon to your house. Instead of making the main parts of your home into a dirty mudroom, figure out ways to easily introduce this essential area into your home. Some of the simple ideas listed above should brief you on what all a mudroom entails.