Modern Bedroom Decor

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Modern Bedroom Decor

Bedroom — the most special part of your home, a place where you unwind after a hectic day at work is one place that merits great attention and care when it comes to decking it up. Unlike any other room in your home, bedroom embellishment should be done based on your ideas though you can take leads from the experts. Every bedroom has a soul that is just the reflection of its interiors. Creating this soul requires great effort and knowledge of the taste and nature of its dwellers. Modern bedroom decorations are done thoughtfully, keeping both comfort and elegance in mind. It is your share of space and hence, should be designed considering your hobbies and priorities. For instance, if you read, then you should find a place for a bookshelf to hold your favorite book as well as a reading lamp to help you read in proper light. You will gain more ideas on modern bedroom décor once you start browsing through the next section.

Bedroom Décor Ideas


Lofty Approach:
Go with a lofty approach by adding rich tones with luxurious fabrics, lofty bed, trendy decors pieces, etc. It is good to sleep in the lap of luxury! To create more luxury, opt for larger room with lots of space and select wooden framed furniture.
Romantic Approach: Your bedroom is your love hub, and do not forget this while designing the interiors. Adding white laces and gauzy canopy add elements of romance to your love room.
Dark Wooden Approach: Wood is always regarded as the perfect luxury element. So, add a wooden heard board and nightstand and if possible to every piece of furnishing you select for your bedroom.
Softer Approach: If you want to be pampered with soft and cozy podium to sleep comfortably, then top your bed with a soft canopy with soft beddings.
Gilded Approach: To add fine tone of posh, accessorize your bedroom in golden shades. Be careful not to go overboard because, if happens so, it could be a disaster.
Vibrant Approach: If you want to add more energy n a simple room, add a burst of color, like an orange bedding, to turn rustic into chic.


    • Wallpaper is evergreen choice to deck up your bedroom wall. You have multitude of patterns to impart your choice of look to your most personal room.
    • Adding neutral shades like white, beige gray, etc. would impart a perfect contemporary appearance to your bedroom.
    • Adding polka dots or other interesting figures to the wall behind your bed could provide interesting background for romance. Stick-on wall art is another wonderful option.


Love Seat:
Arrange a small love seat would add to the romantic ambience of your bedroom. It always reminds you that there are only two persons to whom this room belongs to – you and your partner. This makes your bedroom stay more special to your heart.
Mirror: Mirror is a symbol of romance. Place a big mirror in your room, which not only contributes to the overall ambience of the room, but also doubles the romance if you know how to use it!
Bed Spread: Patterned bedspread adds energy to the room and adds panache into the atmosphere.
Special Effects: Add small stools at the foot of your bed; it could be an elegant décor and also a seating arrangement.
Decorations: Hanging classy embellishments directly behind your bed draws more attention towards it.
Upholstered Headboard: It is a wonderful idea to add upholstered headboard just above the head of the bed. It brings instant style to the room.
Linens: Bedroom linens play an important role in creating style and elegance to the room. It could also bring bursts of color into the interiors without the help of paintbrush. Add your favorite colored linen to the bed and enjoy your bedtime.
Classic Touch: Of course, hanging mosquito nets takes you ages back of bedrooms decors, but who says it is outdated? It’s just a veil to your romantic time, enhancing your moods and emotions. Try it once and feel the magic.
Faux Fur: Nothing can compete with the comfort you get from fur bedding and so, try to add its comfort to your bedroom. If you don’t feel much comfortable, then try opting for small accessories like throw rugs or pillows.
Create Illusion: It is fun to create a mysterious look to your bedroom. Try creating a faux window treatment behind your bed so that it creates an illusion that there is a window behind your bed.
Paint Power: Replace the idea of headboard with a wonderful, catchy picture. It works!

Curtain Ideas

    • If you want to add a floral note to your bedroom, then try adding sheer floral-patterned curtains. You may compliment it with matching accent pillows.
    • Large-windowed rooms could be decorated with sheer curtains that could also facilitate some lights coming in.
    • You could create catchier and bolder look by arranging beautifully patterned curtains above your bed. Also, make it a perfect combination with matching throw pillows and bedding.


    • Overhead lighting currently leads popular bedroom lighting trends. However, you can go for other options if you find this pattern muddy.
    • If you have other utility areas like library, toddler play area or office space attached to the bedroom, then task lighting could help you deal with your needs. Nature and brightness of task lighting depends upon your needs.
    • Accent light would be the best option to create mood in your bedroom.
    • Chandelier and mini chandelier are better options to provide posh look to your bedroom.
    • Try adding spotlights to the highlights like paintings. It makes it more prominent, dragging eyes towards them and thus, fruits your efforts.
    • Adding bright floor lights would help you read in bed.


    • Adding faux wooden beams to large ceiling of your bedroom can be a great way to add texture to it.
    • Want to create a tranquil pool of light, simple! Install some inverted lighting on the ceiling.

Other Tips

    • Kids’ bedroom could be made attractive with funny paintings and cartoon wallpapers. Bright colors keep the room vibrant and lively. Try to pick up cute furnishings with bright colors that complement the wall and check for blunt ends to avoid hurts.
    • Guest bedrooms should provide all the necessities without compromising in the looks. It should have comfortable bedding, lighting and drawers to keep things. Most importantly, it should respect your guest’s privacy. Television and a compact disc player could satisfy the entertainment needs. Arrange side table near to bed to keep drinking glass in a tray. Also, provide basic furnishing like seat and table.

Hope you now have a clear idea on how to go about a modern bedroom interior arrangements and what furniture to include. Modern bedroom arrangements collaborates comfort and style without compromising on any of your needs.