Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


kitchen backsplash ideas

Cooking is the most demanding activity that involves a lot of cutting, cleaning, washing, boiling, etc. This high activity often leads kitchen wall and sink to wear out in no time. So, you need to set up a protective shield on the wall and the sink in your kitchen by installing backsplash. Kitchen backsplash comes in a variety of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Copper slate backsplash, stainless steel backsplash, glass, mosaic and metal backsplash are the types of kitchen backsplash you can choose from. The kitchen backsplash come in a plenty of designs and styles ranging from modern, contemporary, old world or antique, Mediterranean to harlequin; you can pick one depending on your taste and preference. So, don’t let your kitchen wall and sink wear out soon. Install a kitchen backsplash to protect them from high activity kitchen zone. Scan through the below mentioned kitchen backsplash ideas that will help you in getting the right kind of backsplash for your kitchen.

Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash


Take a measurement of your kitchen backsplash area. Decide on the height and width for your kitchen backsplash area. Do not make omissions for occupied objects including electrical outlets while taking the measurement for your kitchen backsplash area. Generally, 4″x4″ is standard measurement available in the market.

Tile Off-Set
Kitchen backsplash without an accent involves high risk of turning your kitchen backsplash look like a men’s locker room. So you need to add a tile off-set border or medallion to it. The off-set can take up to sixteen-inch border space for your kitchen backsplash. The kitchen backsplash generally cover the entire length of the counter and area behind the sink.

Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash
Contemporary kitchen backsplash means minimum fuss. Ensure you use similar material for kitchen backsplash to match with your kitchen countertops. Polished granite stone looks great for contemporary kitchen backsplash. Busy stones, choppy group joints, and disruptive patterns are complete no-no for contemporary style kitchen backsplash.

Antique Kitchen Backsplash
If you like to render your kitchen backsplash with an antique design and look, make ample use of tile materials such as worn-down tiles, flaked -chipped marble and jagged cobblestone. The color combination of subtle good, light brown, beige, and cream are best for kitchen backsplash with antique look. So, create the magic of old world and antique look for your kitchen backsplash.

Mediterranean Kitchen Backsplash
Mediterranean kitchen backsplash generally comprises of colorful and bold hand-painted tiles. This type of backsplash makes ample use of seaside colors such as green and blue combined with jewel tone accents. Mediterranean kitchen backsplash gives you an Italian and French experience right within your kitchen.

Harlequin Kitchen Backsplash
Harlequin kitchen backsplash design comes from American Olean and is very bold in nature. A pair of coordinated harlequin tiles—mink and smoky sky is typical of this type of kitchen backsplash. Mute colors are suitable for this kind of kitchen backsplash. Harlequin kitchen backsplash is endowed with lively tile pattern.

Metal Kitchen Backsplash
Stainless steel, tin, and copper are some of the types of metal you can choose for your kitchen backsplash. Metal kitchen backsplash is very easy to clean and maintain.

Be Bold With Colors
When it comes to kitchen backsplash, don’t shy away from using bold colors. Your 8” kitchen backsplash tile can be presented in multiple hues and colors. For contemporary kitchen backsplash you can consider purple and pink color tiles laid in vertical columns.

Installation Tips
Installation of kitchen backsplash is easier for bigger tiles than for smaller tiles. The installation tools used for kitchen backsplash are construction glue and single glob of thin set mortar. The single glob of thin set mortar is a super clean installation technique for your kitchen backsplash. The construction glue can be stick straight to the wall behind the counter.

You cannot afford to overlook the kitchen backsplash area. Your kitchen backsplash is as important as any other corner of your kitchen space. Your kitchen backsplash must be in sync with kitchen décor theme, colors, patterns and designs. Apart from being one of the components of your overall kitchen décor, kitchen backsplash also plays a vital role in protecting your kitchen wall and sink from wear and tear. So, kitchen backsplash has utility value as well as decorative value for your kitchen. Above ideas on types of kitchen backsplash, installation tips, use of colors, tile-off set and correct size for kitchen backsplash will help you in selecting the best kitchen backsplash for your kitchen. So, get yourself fabulous kitchen that would last you for eons.