How To Organize Your Bathroom


How To Organize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a relaxing haven for many. So, it’s only good that you keep it tidy. After all, in the rush hour of the mornings or before bedtime, you wouldn’t really like to scour the shelves for toothbrush and creams. Now, who wouldn’t like the place where they start their day and end it too, to be neat and absolutely decluttered? Knowing exactly where everything is placed just makes it better. You happen to pile your shelves with unnecessary things like empty bottles of shampoos, shower gels, half-used soaps and a lot more. It’s your bathroom and you should know best! Well that seldom happens, as over a period, the most important room of the house gets too disorganized. And, when you are sharing bathrooms, matters can be worse. Now with these simple tips enlisted below, having a well-organized bathroom shouldn’t be much of a task. Keeping the essentials and getting rid of the unnecessary things is the ultimate tip. But to know how to go about doing it, go through the pointers below.

Organizing The Bathroom

Emptying All The Drawers
First start emptying all the counters and drawers and shift the contents in a box. You should empty the drawers completely! Empty the contents in two boxes, ‘things you need’ and ‘things you don’t need’. After you have emptied the chest, go about cleaning the drawers and counter tops thoroughly. Wipe all the surfaces dry.

Separating And Classifying
Separate the items in the ‘things you need’ box in terms of cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, etc. Also, sort out the items in the ‘things you don’t need’ box. This might be a task, as you don’t know what you need and what you don’t! So the trick is to dispose the things you haven’t used in a year without any second thought and keep the ones you have. Also, expired products, bottles with little left should be disposed.

Arranging The Drawers
Start arranging things in the drawer first and then move on to the counter tops later. Allot each drawer for a different purpose like one for cosmetics, another for toiletries, medications and so on. You could even go about sorting the cosmetics further into eye makeup and lip makeup, and medications based on painkillers, allergies, etc. Use drawer organizers or small boxes to sort out the things in the drawer, instead of just dumping them all in again. Drawer organizers come in a number of different sizes. So choose the ones, which best fit the size of your drawer.

Using The Counter Top Wisely
Use the counter tops to only display things you use daily. The counter top is not a storage supply, so only the things you use daily should be placed there. You can place your colorful scrunches and clips on the counters. You can also keep nice decorative pieces on the counter tops to enhance the entire look of the bathroom.

The Shower Area
Don’t let your bottles of shampoo, conditioners and shower gels balance on the brim in the shower area. It’s very important to cut down on the clutter in the shower area. Use shower caddies or a corner bathtub shelf to neatly place your toiletries that you use on a daily basis. You can also mount a shower dispenser to dispense liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Dead Spaces
Use dead spaces in the bathroom, like above the closet or behind the door to use as a storage space for the towels. Use the space or cabinets under the sink to store the cleaning liquids, toilet rolls and other cleaning supplies. Also, extra bath items and other tall bottles should be placed here.

Electrical Equipments
If you use hairdryers, hot rollers, straighteners or electric razors, be sure to keep them on a counter, near a socket, placed far away from the sink or shower. You can even fit an electric appliance holder on the closet door or wall to place them neatly.

Even though the bathroom is amongst the smallest rooms in the house, it is inarguably the most important room. The bathroom shouldn’t be just a place where you go to lave and defecate, but a place to retreat and relax after a long, tiring day. Therefore, a well-organized place is what you need. Don’t just resort to tidying up the bathroom once in a blue moon, but do it often so that you don’t have to run a cleanliness marathon.