How To Buy A Comforter

how to buy a comforter

A bedroom is that corner of the house where you let your hair down and relax. No wonder then that you take every care to make your bedroom a perfect abode. A comforter is one of the bed linens that you would consider a prized possession in your bedroom for not only does it radiate warmth, protecting you from chilly winter nights, but also adds as a décor to your bedroom. A comforter must either match your taste or your bedroom theme and decor. The color, pattern and design must be carefully picked to suit your bedroom theme. A cozy comforter enlivens your bedroom, makes you feel warm when you are bogged down with cold and freshens up your mood even on the gloomiest of days. A comforter is purely an individual choice with a certain degree of personal attachment but no matter what you think, a good night’s sleep is the key to a happy day ahead and the key to such cozy sleep is often found in fluffy comforters. Now that you know its importance, it is now time you also knew about the various tips for buying comforters. Read on for more.

Buying A Comforter

Comforters are available in varying sizes. You can pick a comforter according to your bed size, in which case it is always good to take a measurement of your bed. The bed sizes can be king, queen, twin, double and California king. King and queen sizes are commonly found whereas twin beddings, generally used for kids, may require custom made comforters at times. California king is a standard size used by tall people and can be hard to find in the market.

You can also choose a comforter depending on its fabric, such as synthetic, cotton etc. Thread count, i.e. the number of threads used for weaving a fabric, is an important factor that determines the softness of a fabric. A higher thread count means softer and smoother fabric that will have a very comfy touch to it and also a higher durability. Muslin has a lower thread count whereas down is puffy and warm. However, feathers in down can be messy and fly around when you change the cover of the comforter every time and also, down demands more care and is rather high on maintenance.

You can choose any comforter design depending on your bedroom décor and theme. The options range from floral to simple stripe, polka dots and even solid colours. Choose a color combination that suits your bedroom décor and the overall interiors of the room. The other thing that needs to be considered is whether a comforter is quilted or not. A quilted comforter is easy to maintain as it is washable. Prim aloft and down are examples of non-quilted comforter. Further details such as ruffles, buttons, fringes, welting and contrasting borders should not be overlooked before choosing a design for your comforter.

Different types of fillings are used for comforters. These fillings can be synthetic, cotton down, feather, microfiber and polyester fiber etc. Filling has significant bearing on the weight and size of a comforter. Those allergic to down can go for prima loft synthetic filler that is widely used these days as it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It is also warm and can be washed easily.

A comforter with synthetic material is cheaper than down. However, there are numerous types of down. Duck down is cheaper than white goose or grey goose. Eiderdown is the highest quality down and is also the most expensive of all. And for those looking out for a high-end product e.g. luxury comforter set, designer stores such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren also have bedding lines which boast of high quality and cozy comforters.

Comforter Cover & Care
Finally, your comforter can be well maintained if used along with a suitable cover. Covers help keep comforters clean and eliminate the need of washing the cozy ones frequently. Make sure you freshen up your comforter by keeping it outside (in the sun) for some hours once a year to release dirt and odor. Use a matching color and pattern for your duvet cover. High maintenance and care ensure durability and avoid shrinkage and fading of the fabric of your comforter.

A comforter is essential linen for your bedroom. It is one adorable piece you would like to cuddle during cold winter nights and on other nights when you need some cozy warmth. Since you would obviously like your comforter to look good and reflect your taste and personality, it would be a great idea to spend some time researching before actually buying one. A comforter keeps you company all through the night when you forget the waking world and go back to the inner recesses of your mind to rejuvenate your body and mind. Hence, it is worthwhile to invest certain amount of time and energy on researching the nitty-gritty of buying a comforter.