How To Build A Porch

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how to build a porch

Having a spacious outdoor porch in your home is one great way to enjoy a relaxed time with a chilled drink on a crisp summer evening. Building a porch has multiple advantages — from creating a private space outdoors to utilizing the deck space of your home. Building a small porch area is not that difficult if you plan it well and also have the right tools for it. Take help from some family or friends for this project and in no time the perfect porch will be ready for you to enjoy. Add in your favorite lazy lounge chair and some other porch furniture and you are all set to unwind on your porch that you have built yourself. Once you have finished building your porch, it will become the most inviting and tranquil room in the house for you. Just follow these guidelines carefully to create a beautiful and cozy porch.

Building A Porch

Layout And Plan
Grab an inch tape and measure the area where you plan to build your porch. It would be best if you already have a deck space so that you donot have to spend time for the base. Note down the measurements and draw the site plan of the porch. You don’t have to be an architect to do that. Just draw a top view of the porch you want to build and label it with the actual measurements of your space. If necessary, consult with your local government bodies to obtain any permits required to build a porch. Also, check up with electricity board and any neighborhood associations.

If you have already done some construction, you might already have the tools needed to build a porch. Once you have your plan ready, you can visit a hardware store or home accessory store and buy screen panels that come with easy do-it-yourself installing kits with instructions. Don’t forget to carry the measurements of the deck so that you can buy the screen of the exact length. Also, buy nails, screws, hammers, drills, etc. Don’t forget to buy materials for creating a roof, if it’s an open deck. If you plan to design the porch, then buy additional items like paint, tiles, lamps, pots and other porch accessories. It is best to make a few rounds to various hardware stores to check out the various screen kit options.

Erect The Panels
Now read the instructions in the kit carefully and follow. Align the screen panels from the inside of the deck and position them on the existing foot or railing of the deck. Roll out the screen panels to attach them to the foot and ceiling with the nails and screws that you have. Once the whole space has been covered with the screen panels, tighten all the screws and drive in nails to give it strength.

Paint Or Stain
It is always better to take precautions beforehand. Remember to apply a coat of sealer or anti-rust paint once the panels have been erected in place. This step is important, as painting or staining the frames after fixing the screen is not possible. It will ruin your screen and will leave paint splatter all over it.

Tie-In Roof
Now place the roof material in a slope position by making a triangle with the two pieces on top of the deck. Be sure to a cover the eaves and valley with it. Screw them in place. If you donot have the required shape, then you can always buy the tie-in framing that comes in easy to fit pieces. While you are up there, hang a few metal hooks on the edges of the roof for convenience of hanging decorative pots later.

Attach The Screens
Now pull the screen cloth tautly over the individual frames and secure with staples. Trim the excess parts out. Continue with all the frames and keep the screen frames ready to be attached. Now attach the frames to the panels and use the bigger 3-inch screws to fit them. There will be screen tracks with grooves that can be slipped into the panel and attached. Use a hammer to fit all the frames in the panels.

Now that your customized porch is ready, bring out your creative side and start decorating it. If you do not like the screen panel color, paint on a bright coat of enamel paint. Use the same paint on the floors too to create the illusion of spacious porch. You can also attach matching ceramic tiles. Hang the flowerpots and other accessories that you like and your porch is ready!

Building your own porch is not as challenging as you think. It does not need to have the hallmarks of a contractor build porch design. A DIY porch is your creation and will provide more warmth and comfort. Your finished porch is your blank canvas — you can now add any amount of styling. One important thing to remember is to spend time in finding the perfect fitting screen porch kit to suit your needs.