Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

How exciting it is to receive an invite for a housewarming party of someone in your social circle. Aren’t you all up for it? Oh yes, you are. You are keyed up to attend the party and share the happy news. But do you have any clue of what are you going to gift them? Isn’t it good to carry a gift in hand when you visit a friend’s new home? Stop, don’t press the panic button. We are right here to help you out with it, to resolve your confusion of what to gift. Of course, you would want to gift them something that could be useful for them, simultaneously making them sing songs of your praise. We have come up with some out of the box ideas for gifts to be presented on housewarming parties. And you know what the best thing about housewarming gifts is; it is that they need not be wrapped. All you got to do is to decide the gift, put it in a fancy bag and ring the doorbell. We have tried to cover you with all kinds of great, traditional and fresh house warming gift ideas. So, here it goes.

Wine Of Joy
A traditional housewarming gift is wine. It is believed that wine gives a hope that owners always have their share of happiness and never have to experience thirst in any form in their new home. A nice bottle of wine wrapped in a tea towel with a nice ribbon and a message over it, is always a traditional yet creative house warming gift.

Fresh Plants
Fresh plants live longer and require pretty less maintenance, which is why they are more appreciated as gifts when compared to fresh cut flowers. In a new home, before the fixing of furniture, the drapes are put up. The flowering plants complementing them make a home lively and welcoming.

Colourful Wreaths
A different gift would be to pick up colourful wreath for doors of the house. That would look pretty as well as hospitable. Choose one describing each season or may be different floral designs can be opted. You can also get them artificially decorated wreath; it is going to last for years, and the idea just never goes out of vogue.

Gift Of Food
There’s such an amount of labour involved in shifting and setting up of house, that one requires a break from it. And what’s better than an evening spent eating good food. A gift of food is always welcome.

Fizz And Flutes
Drop in with some glasses and a cold drink. Even better if the designer glasses have the date engraved over them. They will serve as the memento of the first drink on the first day in the new home. Everyone working hard in the shifting process will enjoy the drink too.

Decorative Aromatic Candles
Select a colour, choose the fragrance and you are ready with a gift that would add comfort and soothe the chaotic feel of the house. One can just dim the lighting, light the candles and enjoy. Such a gift is perfect for a dresser top, a coffee table fixed in silver or brass candle stands.

Dramatic Vase
Pick up something that could leave memories for years to come. A special piece of crystal or silver can add charm to a home. You can even try to go with ceramic or glass exhibits to add casualness to the setting.

Basket Full Of Goodies
For a new home, it’s always wonderful to receive things all together for particular jobs. Here, get some gift basket ideas.

A Basket of Tools: Who can find the right screw driver or pliers when you actually need it, especially when you just moved in? Gather together the tools for them as present.

A Garden Basket: Who doesn’t want a fancy looking small garden or a flowering bush in their home? Help the new entrants with planting some flowery bushes. Gift them a basket with basic gardening tools, a pot, a plant, fertilisers and soil. It will be the start of a garden that will be cherished the whole time by your friends living there.

Smart-Art: Pictures add life to the new home. Things such as picture hooks and hanging wire always fall short just when your creative mind is in progress. How about gifting a basket with small designer picture hooks, a hanging wire, and pretty picture frame, to preserve the memories of the day.

Photo Frame
For the casual feel, gift swanky photo frames made of wood, bamboo or you can even try designer glass. You can go with crystal or silver, if the setting of the house is formal. Everyone has room for displaying their favourite pictures, and what’s better than displaying in a frame that you gifted.

Personalized Bath Soap
Let your imagination take a leap. Do what no one has thought of. How about ordering personalised bath soaps, in the favourite colour and initials of friends? Pick up the aroma soaps and get them monogrammed. Customised gifts always occupy a special space in the heart of the receiver.

IOU (I Owe You) Cards
Present the new homeowners with a set of IOU cards. An assurance that they can rely on you in the times of need, is an IOU. Prepare cards with ideas like baby-sit, help paint a room, cook, help plant the garden, etc. These cards are just a generous way to offer help. And to prettify the cards, tie them up with colourful ribbons and promise to deliver help when demanded.

Door Knocker
An impressive door knocker can be a different gift for the new homeowners. It will definitely attract attention to the new home, welcoming friends and family in a warm way. Pick up a door knocker that is fancy, keeping in mind the interest and matching the style of the owner.

Table Top Fountain
How about presenting something to your friends that could append calmness in the ambience of the home? Gifting them a table fountain, that can be kept on coffee table is another idea by which you can offer soothing sound and atmosphere to the new homeowners.

Towel Warmer
A warm towel is a friend. Gift your friends a towel warmer and they would praise you each day when they slide out of the shower.

Housewarming gifts should be something that could come handy to the receiver. They should be practical with a tinge of creativity. Many go with the traditional gifts like presenting the new knives or olive oil but you now know that there are many reasonable yet resourceful options that can be considered as gifts for a housewarming.