Hallway Lighting Ideas

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Hallway Lighting Ideas

Sad but true, foyer or hallways are the oft-ignored corners of most homes, especially when it comes to adorning and illuminating them. What most people forget is that it’s your hallway that creates the first impression on a visitor’s mind, and you surely wouldn’t want to botch up with that. Plus, in most homes, the hallways, apart from being used as a classic entrance or reception area, also serve as highways that connect one room to another, thereby facilitating easy transit within the house. Hence, it’s important that you lit them up adequately and tastefully to make a welcoming, eye-catching and safe haven. Thankfully, there are a plethora of lighting options available for hallways to help you lit them up suitably and beautifully. A well-lit hallway with fancy fittings, apart from creating an instant ‘wow’ factor, also helps to brighten up everything else in its vicinity. Enhance your hallway with lighting fixtures or decorative accents to add ambience to the room. Scroll down this write-up for more ideas on hallways lightings.

Lighting For Hallways

Track Lightings
Track lights are one great way to illuminate your hallway as well as highlight any work of art that adorns your wall or other architectural details of your hall. They look extremely stylish, add elegance to your hallway, and are ideal for long hallways as they provide ample light. You can go for the traditional track lights that that come with a track of steel and small bulbs attached. The contemporary version of these lighting have a hollow metal casing with LED or incandescent bulbs nestled inside them. They also come with dimmers so that light can be adjusted according to the lighting scheme of the whole house for special occasions.

Create soothing ambiance in your hallway with beautiful sconces. To match your home lighting style that has been done with wall-mounted lights rather than ceiling lights, you can choose from a variety of sconce designs. You can use the upward sconce for warm diffused effect or use downward sconce if you want a flood stream of light. The wall sconces come in so many varieties. You can go for Victorian styled sconces or choose from the many contemporary designs. Place the scone at least 5 feet from the ground.

Mini Chandeliers
While a hallway isn’t exactly the place where you would spend much time, lighting up your foyers and hallways with big, bold, eye-catching chandeliers will make a stylish statement.  Never mind, if you don’t wish to spend on a big chandelier. Getting a mini chandelier would create a similar effect. You can choose from modern, rustic, candle, crystal, tiffany, European and country style chandeliers to suit the general décor of your home or hallway, to be more precise.

Pendant Lights
Elegant pendant lights not only look warm and welcoming, but also add a touch of style and class to your foyer.  Available in various styles, sizes and shapes, you can pick from a wide selection of pendant lights to light up your hallway. From single pendant light to multi-pendant ones, you can choose any pendant to ramp up your hall. You can use 2 or 3 single pendant lights or 5-light pendant to illuminate your long hallway. Hanging a string of pendant light in your corridor hallway at regular intervals will add a touch of style to your hallway.

Floor Panel
These small yet powerful lights best serve your purpose if you wish to light up your hallway to walk by safely. These lights are fixed a few inches above the floor in the wall. The floor panel light has a translucent diffuser, stainless steel panel and blue or white bulb. The varieties include: slip resistant floor panel lights, driveover or walkover light and LED fiber optic light panel to be fixed in your floor or carpets. The floor panel lights will give a warm glow to light up the hallway for safety.

Recessed Light
Also called as downlights, these lights look like a light shining from a hole in the ceiling. They are wireless and hence, gives a very clean and sophisticated look. The recessed lights are the ceiling version of the floor panel lights. They are the best option to keep the room clutter free and to highlight piece for artwork or other wall decorations.

Table Lamps
Use a console table in your hallway and place a soft glow table lamp to create a Victorian and warm ambiance. This works best if you have a small hallway and just need a small light source to illuminate it. For bigger hallways, you can combine ceiling or floor lights with a table lamp at the end of the hallway, away from pathway. If you are looking for the minimal lighting, then table lamp is the best option. It also serves as a reading lamp.

You can work wonders to transform a hallway with the addition of just a single light source, or replacing an old light with a new one. Find a hallway light that is stylish, affordable and perfect for your décor and transform your hallways from functional to fabulous.