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Whether it’s the popular form of architecture you want to replicate or a gothic lifestyle that you want to embrace, decorating your home the gothic way can be quite a daring and interesting task. This dark yet creative style of interior is indeed jaw dropping, if not ghoulish. To decorate your home the gothic way, you don’t have to recreate a dungeon or a graveyard, but work on recreating a more regal and flamboyant atmosphere with warm hues and textures. Yet again, Goth home décor can either be the representation of the medieval period with heavy and highly decorative fabrics or it can be the much modern representation of the Goth culture, which is much more acceptable and easier to replicate. Whatever style of Goth culture you want to emulate, make sure the bold and courageous form of decoration suits your personality and you are able to relate to it. To know more about Goth home decorations, go through the ideas and pointers discussed below.

Gothic Style Of Home Decoration
When you think of gothic home décor, it doesn’t have to be shocking, black and scary. There are many different kinds of home décor, which are significant to different times. Go through the different kinds of gothic home decors to choose the best one for your home.

Medieval Period Gothic Home Décor
The medieval period inspired gothic home décor has quite a few historical influences. Crow sculptures, images of dragons, the traditional European gargoyle, or anything that reflects the knighthoods and castles of the time is used to decorate such a theme based decor. Other impactful things that form a part of this decor are chalices, candles, swords, armor, heavy tapestries, furry rugs and elaborate bronze or silver chandeliers. Celtic crosses and other crucifixes complement the gothic home décor.

Victorian Period Home Décor
The Victorian period inspired gothic home décor is more romantic and ornate with highly decorative and heavy fabrics and furniture. It heavily bets on taxidermy animals with darker and warmer colors. Rich drapery with lacy textures, tassels and beads and handcrafted quality furniture were the essence of this period. Beautiful antiques made of bronze or brass are core to this era too. To replicate the grandeur of Victorian gothic home, cover the walls with bright floral printed wallpapers or fabrics. A lot of natural flowers, tall candles, tables covered in cloth, possessions like books, vases and framed renaissance artwork can be used to emulate this style of Goth décor.

Cemetery Oriented Gothic Home Décor
This kind of cemetery-inspired décor can bring in a lot of shock. With the intensive use of iron, sculptures of angels, and religious verses, this décor can look very uninviting and unpleasant. Frayed fabrics, stonework, claws, skulls and everything spooky is what highlights this kind of gothic home décor. This décor suits young individuals or young couples with a very different approach towards life and living.

Modern Gothic Home Décor
To recreate the gothic home décor, you do not have to be extensively elaborate and over the top. The modern way of decorating a home the gothic way is much cleaner, with just enough of everything. It doesn’t bring in too much of a shock factor and the balance is retained. Leather sofas or rot iron furniture in shades of black and gray and a wall with a deeper color like jewel red or purple is what describes a modern gothic home. An occasional skull or crystal ball can complete the look of the place too.

Some Tips For Gothic Home Décor
Whatever kind of gothic home décor you want to go for, there are certain things you should always keep in mind.

    • If you want to go gothic, you have to maintain this sense of decoration throughout the house. You can possibly have a Goth style living room, which leads to a contemporary styled bedroom or dining room. The intensity that gothic home décor brings should be maintained throughout.
    • While starting to design and decorate the rooms or the entire house, you should take your time to pick and select the different accessories for your home. It is not easy to find the right decorative pieces for such a décor easily. So make your choices carefully.