French Country Decorating Ideas

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french country style decorating

The perfect amalgam of rustic and refined, the country-style French décor brings in the right amount of comfort and class to any home. Marked by ruffles, distressed woodwork and both bold and subdued hues, this one décor can immediately transform your dull den into a stunning retreat. French country decoration is as much about simplicity and rustic elegance as much as it is about sophisticated charm and timeless beauty. This fuss-free décor is easy to replicate and goes well with almost any set up, adding a refreshing countryside feel to any décor. And the best part is that you don’t have to blow away much cash to incorporate this style. Just a color wash on the walls and adding some simple French country style furniture will do the trick for you. With exquisite textures, colors and fabrics, French style of décor intertwines traditional beauty with modern charm to recreate the feel and charm of idyllic countryside of Provence. So go ahead, introduce your home to this informal and fun look, and transform your home into a classy and elegant yet warm and comforting nest.

French Country Décor Ideas

Colors To Use
French country decoration uses a lot of rich and bold hues. The palette brims with reds, blues, greens and yellows with a perfect balance of pastels and neutrals. The brighter shades are vibrant, but not florescent or shocking to the eye. A number of color combinations of these brighter shades can be used to create a warm, rich Provence charm on your walls. White is rather used as a color and not a neutral. A number of shades of white are used, such as, milky white or creamy white, which brings out a lot of depth in the décor. Black is also integral to the French country style palette.

Doing The Walls
The walls of a French country style really work towards creating the look you desire. The walls are the canvas of your home, and having the first layer of your canvas right is essential. French country homes don’t have walls with a simple finish, but effort is put into creating a much weathered and imperfect look. A technique called as glazing can be used on the walls to achieve an aged look. Stucco plastering can also be done. It creates a weathered look and adds texture too. The faux wall technique is an easy option to attain the French look. It gives the appearance of stucco, but without any texture. Wallpaper can be great for the walls too. Bedrooms and the living area can have wallpaper with small floral prints while the kitchen can have wallpaper bordered with designs.

The Right Fabrics And Linens
The fabrics and linens selected should be in the shades of the primary colors, i.e. red, blue, green, and yellow or even in pretty pastels. There are particular fabrics that are distinctive of the French style of décor like chintz, toile or calico. Toile is a fabric with the color combinations of white or cream and another bright color and it is patterned all over. This fabric gives a very old-fashioned look. Calico is another distinct fabric that comes in bright colors and has small repeated prints all over. The main idea behind French fabrics and linens is to mix different patterns like floral, checks and stripes very creatively. A nice contrast gives French décor the accent it is known for.

French Style Furniture
French style furniture can either be light in color and painted or it can be made of dark colored wood. The French style furniture doesn’t have too many lines and is meant to be simple. The main idea is to bring out the natural look. Hand painting on the furniture brings in a lot of character to the furniture and this can be achieved easily even if you are not an artist by using stencils and stamps. A design of vines, flowers and roosters brings out the French cottage feel. Even faux finish furniture or kitchen cabinets bring out the au natural look.

The Floors
The floors should be kept natural. Wooden flooring is a great option while stone or rustic tiles also work well on this décor. Rugs and throw carpets also make for great additions. If the floor is of a lighter shade, then rugs in brighter colors will complement the floor. However, if the floor is of a darker shade, then rugs in lighter hues add the color.

The Right Accessories
There are a lot of distinctive accessories for the home that are significant to the French style décor. Copper items racked on the kitchen shelves are a great décor item. French style pottery in solid bright colors works towards adding a lot to the home and if filled with beautiful flowers like French lavender and sunflower brings out the complete French feel. China crockery on the dining table and terracotta pots with flowers gives the French touch too.

Get inspired by the French country style and rev up your boring home with this refreshing country-style décor.