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Perusing the pages of decor magazine alone would not help you create alluring ceilings; you need to do a thorough research on it. Ceiling painting is not a simple task; of course you can get away with a simple solution—white. Those who want to make it special would definitely not be satisfied with white. Ceiling, often referred as the fifth wall, plays an important role in creating the ‘perfect interior’. Sadly, its importance is often overlooked. People spend considerable time to select their wall paints and flooring, even the furniture and decor, but when it comes to painting the ceiling, they settle for the tried-and-tested, old school designs. But not anymore. With different designs making their way into home designing sphere, it is time to update yourself on the newest trends in this domain. This article is an attempt to bring the newest trends in painting ceilings to your notice and help you deal with it with ease.

Ceiling Color Ideas

Mighty White
White is the most favorite and common choice for ceilings and there are many reasons for that. Being the ultimate neutral hue, white goes well with any combination of colors. It lessens the strain of bright painted walls and complements the soothing effects of light shaded walls. Whatever shade you use on the walls, white is the safest choice for ceiling. Crisp and clean, white ceiling imparts a class to your interior. White makes a room appear brighter, especially those rooms that receive less natural light.

Pink Splash
Pink is a good choice for ceiling, if the wall is painted in hues that complement this color. If your walls are pale pink, then do not waste time thinking for a good color, deck up the ceiling with the same color.

Lavender is another option to deck up the ceiling. But, as in case of pink, it goes well with either the same color wall or something that really complements it.

Monochromatic Theme
Painting the room with the shades of the same color is an excellent idea to create a wonderful interior. In this you don’t need to worry about the shades; you can embellish the ceiling with the shades of the same color.

Give It A Difference
If you want to try something different, then try this. Paint your walls with white and give a deep blue color to your ceilings. To add to this idea, paint your walls with white hues again, and paint the ceiling with a green gingham-checked design.

Warm Look
If your room is pretty large with high ceilings, it is natural for the bottom half of the room to look occupied and the top half appear bare. This creates an impersonal or unbalanced feel in the room. To avoid this, you may try using a deeper shade on the ceiling, which minimizes the imbalanced sort of appearance. Rich cocoa in a soft luster like eggshell or pearl white will be a good choice for such ceilings.

Deck Up
Be innovative, experiment with glazes on the ceiling. You can include metallic and pearlescent effects if you want. Glazes would help transform your ceiling from the fifth wall to an art by adding texture, color and dimension.

Open Up
Colors have magical effect in creating dimensions. If your room is small, then apply a color with minimum contrast. For instance, if you have wheat colored walls, then apply a pale-yellow color to the ceiling so that the demarcation is minimum and you could make the room appear larger. Opt for an ultra-flat finish paint that absorbs light and hides imperfections due to its lowest reflective quality.

Additional Tips

    • You may opt for dark color walls and ceiling if the room is lighted with plenty of natural light. However, if natural light is limited, then it is better to stay away from darker shades because, dark color will not reflect light as lighter shades do.
    • If the walls are dark, then it is better to go for lighter shades of the same color rather than opting for white, which may isolate the ceiling from the wall rather than establish a warm connection between the two.
    • You can try innovative ideas on ceiling but make sure that you try it in a small strip rather than attempting it on the entire ceiling. If the idea fails to satisfy your expectation, it would be difficult for you to change the entire ceiling paint.
    • Checks are currently in trend. However, if you are adapting it, make sure that you paint the walls in white so that your interiors don’t look overdone.
    • If the walls are painted in light hues, then you may opt for the darker shade of the same hue for the ceiling.

You may concentrate on walls and floorings and often overlook the importance of selecting good colors for the ceiling. It is important to realize that ceiling too plays a significant role in achieving the overall ambiance of your interiors. Hope this article helped you to consider better ideas for your ceilings.