Bathroom Wall Art


bathroom wall art

If fancy toothbrush holders and shower curtains aren’t your thing, fret not, for there are better ways to sizzle up your boring and crowded bath space. There is something pleasant and refreshing about colorful wall arts that can rev up the décor of the most ho-hum corners in a jiffy. The recent trends in bathroom décor area show that there is an increased tendency to deck up bathrooms just like you embellish other important rooms in your house. Contrary to other décor pieces, bathroom wall art can be attractive as well as functional. For instance, metal art is highly desirable in bathroom but, those with hooks are more preferable as it serves the dual function of both enhancing the décor and serving as a utility. The expense window is wider; you get cheaper as well as expensive options. Wall art option ranges from normal tiles to metal to mirror and more — you may think about something unique if you want your bathroom interior to be innovative. Here are some basic ideas to deck up your bathroom walls. Check them out.

Bathroom Wall Décor

Tiles are the most common décor item that is used to deck up the wall, especially the bathroom walls. It is the most popular option because of the plethora of choices and flexible price range. From cheaper choices to expensive one—you can choose it according to your budget.

Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice to deck up the bathroom walls. These tiles are available in two finishes—gloss finish and matt finish. Tiles provide your bathroom with a contemporary touch. Available in a plethora of patterns, these tiles are user friendly and maintenance free.

Homogenous: Homogeneous tiles are easy to maintain and are good choice for bathroom walls. They derived their name from their homogenous nature with same color tone in front, sides and back. They are highly resistant to scratch and are available in matt and polished finishes. Polished finished tiles cost more than matt finish.

Granite: Durable and tough, granite tiles, are scratch-resistant and come with a consistent tone. Available in a wide range of prices, the cheapest one are those made in China.

Other Stones: Though limestone and sandstone are best options to provide unparalleled elegance to your bathroom walls, they are less preferred as they are easily prone to stains and also require high maintenance. These stones are best suited in tropical or resort-inspired interiors.

Ceramic and Glass-Mosaics: Best choice for the retro-inspired interiors, ceramic and glass-mosaic tiles have an extra benefit of easy maintenance. Available in primary and secondary colors, they are available in square or hexagonal patterns.

Stainless Steel Mosaics: Suitable to deck up any modern interior, stainless steel tiles are still uncommon in the market. They are available in square, hexagonal or diamond shapes. These tiles are offered in stainless steel hairline, stainless steel mirror, stainless steel etched or gold color finishes.

Enameled Porcelain: Relatively new, these tiles are best suitable to achieve a sleek, metallic finish. Closely resembling steel plates, they are resistant to oxidation or rust. However, they are not ideal to use on floor as the metallic-glazed finish is highly slippery in nature.


Solid Vinyl: Made wholly of Vinyl, this type of wallpaper comes in different patterns and colors and is highly resistant to mildew and moisture. Coming with a self-adhesive backing, it is easy to apply and easy to clean. However, removing this type of wallpaper may not be so easy because, they tend to tear.

Common Wallpaper: Contrary to the name, they are now not so common in use. Available in a plethora of colors and patterns, they are much similar to vinyl wallpaper. However, they lack a self-sticking back. Bathroom being a high-humid area, you may have to apply a protective coating over this wallpaper. Some of them are mildew resistant while some others are not; you need to check this before you buy.

Vinyl-Coated: Different from vinyl wallpapers, these wallpapers are not completely made of vinyl. Instead, they have a protective covering made of either acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality. These wallpapers, similar to other types, are highly resistant to humidity. Also, it is easy to scrub them down.

Metal Wall Art
Easy to fix, these are the newest trends in bathroom wall decorations. This metal art can be fixed on a small space or can be adapted for a larger area. If executed thoughtfully, it can be used for practical purposes. For instance, wall arts with hooks or bars you can be used as an essential bathroom fitting to hang towels and cloths. Metal art could be made of stainless steel, aluminum or other non-corrosive metals. If you are opting for any other metal that may corrode, then make sure that you apply a protective coating to shield the metal piece from the humid atmosphere.

Mirror Wall Art
Mirror wall art is increasingly becoming popular as it creates an illusion of space, making your bathroom look larger than it actually is. Mirrors with floral or abstract borders or even pre-cut into ornamental shapes are definitely an add-on to your bathroom interior. Besides, mirror is one of the essential accessories in a bathroom. Another way to use mirror is to opt for decorative mirror wall appliqués as an alternative to regular bathroom tiles. These décor pieces, with the right lighting, are good enough to brighten up your bathroom.

Wall Lettering
An interesting style of bathroom wall art, you can decorate the walls with some memorable and wise sayings presented in a highly artistic manner. Ideal for children’s and teenager’s room, these lines may inspire them too.

Wall Painting
This is a wonderful option to deck up your bathroom walls. Comparatively less expensive than glass art and metal art, you may opt for this wall décor to get an alluring bathroom interior without breaking your budget constraints.

Decking up the bathroom wall provides an elegant look to your bathroom interiors. Mentioned above were some popular wall décor ideas, you may opt for your favorite one.