Baby Room Ideas For Boys


baby room ideas for boys

It’s a boy! Finally after a lot of physical pain and mental endurance, you have become a proud mother of a baby boy. It’s not only a time to rejoice and jubilate, but also a time to prepare a lot many things for the little prince in your life! For healthy growth and mental development of your baby, you will do anything and everything to bring happiness on his face from changing nappies, doing oil massage, feeding your baby and even singing lullaby to make him sleep. A very crucial aspect of a baby’s growth is the décor and ambience of his room. You will be flooded with hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to embellish and boost your baby’s room. To give a warm welcome to your baby you need to decide many aspects such as the wall colors, the type of crib required, the fabrics suitable for your baby, the nursery artwork that will complement his room, the theme to be applied and so on. Below we are providing you with some valuable nursery ideas that will enable you to make your son’s room more comfortable, lively and cozy for him!

Safety First!
First things first! Decorations in a baby’s room should be safe and secure for him. Never go for sharp toys or any other sharp or rough-edged objects. Always keep your baby’s room clean and tidy with mild cleanser as toddlers have the habit to put everything in their mouth, whatever comes their way! You should also avoid using decorative pillows, as they may cause suffocation. Avoid curtains and blinds that come with cords, as hanging cords have a high risk of strangulation. Never leave a baby unattended in his room. Stock baby oils, lotions, wipes and other supplies in a drawer or on a shelf which is beyond your son’s reach. Always put plug protectors in electrical outlets present in his room.

Color Palette
It’s a universal fact that the typical color for a baby boy’s room is Blue. But just don’t get restricted to it. Widen your imagination and apply various tints and shades of blues such as aqua, cobalt or turquoise and combine it with other pleasant colors such as green, mocha brown, light purple, pale yellow or pale red to give a striking look to your baby’s room. Recent study has proved that green is a very prosperous color for a baby’s room as green combined with a touch of blue and white can illuminate a boy’s room and is associated with the growth and progress of the baby.

Nowadays, theme-based baby rooms are very much in style and parents often apply a particular theme to their baby’s room based on his likings and inclination. A baby boy’s room can be decorated from a wide variety of exciting themes such as cartoon characters like Ben 10, sports, cars, planes, celestial, games, geometric shapes, jungle animals, alphabets, rubber duckies to name a few! Eventually, the color scheme will follow the theme chosen for your little prince.

The Crib
The crib is the most significant element in a baby’s room. Choose a crib which is appropriate in size. You can also go for a cradle cum crib, in which you can detach the cradle once your son is big enough to sleep in the cot. You can choose from a variety of colors such as light brown, dark brown, cherry red, ivory, beige or pale blue. Remove unnecessary items such as pillows that come along with the crib to give breathing space to your baby. You can embellish his cot with fun animal motifs or sporty designs with striking colors. Make sure that the crib is properly locked when your baby is inside in it. Hang small toys at top of the crib to keep him engaged and playful! The cot should be deep enough and the bars should be at correct distances for the safety of your son.

Even before your baby arrives, you need to plan a lot of storage space in his room. Infinite number of items and supplies need to be stored for your baby such as his small clothes, pajamas, nappies, small blankets, old bed sheets, toys, his travelling bag, feeding bottles, baby lotions, massage oil, soap, wipes, etc. Plan the storage intelligently as you will also be requiring these at night. Make sure that everything is under your reach but nothing of such sort should be under his reach! You can decorate his cabinets and shelves with flowers, stickers and vibrant stripes and patterns. An extra wardrobe can be very handy and avoids cluttering his room.

Make use of vivid colored fabrics to decorate your baby’s room. You can design patterns on the walls to give him a stimulating feel. You can also ornament the walls with fun circles, sporty elements, framed handprints and footprints with his name and date, hand painted animals and cars. Go with the theme; for instance, in case of a cartoon theme, paint cartoons with crayons and hang them on walls and similarly while applying a sporty theme, hang small miniatures of bat and ball on the walls.

Your little one has arrived! His room will be the first experience of the outer world, where he will eat, sleep, play and spend his childhood. Bestow your boy with all the bliss and ecstasy in his life by decorating his room with above ideas. It’s fun for you as well as for your baby!