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Having an aquarium in your home not only adds to aesthetic beauty of your room, but also offers myriad health benefits too. Watching aquatic creatures swim from one corner to another helps lower blood pressure and reduces stress in life. But that is not all. A well-decked aquarium also helps enhances the décor of your room manifold. It has both practical and aesthetic uses as the decoration gives the fishes a place to hide and also creates a visual appeal for the viewers. A well-decorated aquarium is an eye-catcher and can fetch you many compliments for your creativity. You can create marvelous décor for your aquarium with living items or artificial decorative pieces. You can create various theme based decoration for your aquariums also. There are many types of aquariums classified on the basis of salinity, temperature, species and biotope.You can use a multitude of items in your aquariums. Here are some ideas on aquarium decoration.

Ideas On Aquarium Decoration

You can scatter a thick layer of this fine rock at the bottom of the aquarium to create the foundation for your accessories. There are various colors of gravel available. You can choose from the nature inspired colors of blue, green and brown or jazz it up with a bed in multi-color gravel. Use a dark color gravel if you have bright colored fishes. You can also substitute gravel with sand.

Aquarium Background
The background is a piece of landscape paper which is stuck on the backside glass of the aquarium. It will protect your fish from direct sunlight and also add depth to the aquarium environment. You can choose from turtle aquarium backgrounds, fish aquarium background, aquarium rock backgrounds, sea aquarium backgrounds and reef aquarium backgrounds.

Live Plants
Live plants have the greatest advantage over artificial decoration as they keep the aquarium clean by feeding on pollutants and release oxygen for fishes. However, research well before you buy plants. Plants might float on the surface or can be dug into the gravel bed. Other live plants that donot survive in sand or gravel can be tied to other decorative items.

Rocks And Stones
You can pick real or fake rocks at a store and create caves and mini stone structures with them for your fries to hide. Generally you can use the rocks that you have collected from nature, but just check them for any toxic chemicals before placing them in the aquariums. The rock should not be weak or else it will crumble after a few days in water. So choose from lava, sandstone, slate, granite, basalt and quartz.

Placing any wood piece can prove very harmful for your delicate fishes. For natural driftwood, you can choose Cajun Wood or African Mopani Wood. There are varieties of artificial driftwood available that come in rocky ridge, bark tree, weathered log, caverns, root and stumps designs. They look quite realistic and are usually made of poly resin.

Plastic Plants
You can flaunt your creative side by choosing colorful flowering plants rather than the boring green plants for your aquarium decorations. With the huge amount of variety available, you can decorate your aquarium With Hygrophilia, Pecten Plant, Galium, Blyxa, Lindernia, Bacopa, Cabomba and Fluval Chi Plant. For green plastic plants, you have options like Madagascar Lace, Ludwigia, Chain Sword, Horwort, Moss, Fern, Potamogeton, Hairgrass and Water Holly.

Corals And Shells
Even though they are a little high on maintenance, nothing livens up an aquarium like corals and seashells. You can keep dead and fake corals in the aquarium. But if you have the expertise, then buy a live coral. You can also place seashells from your collections, just wash them thoroughly before placing them. You can also buy big artificial shells. The aquarium store will also have coral-reef art and ornaments that you can buy.

Filters, Pumps And Heaters
It is important to install filter in the aquarium to handle fish waste and other particles. There are basically three types to choose from — mechanical, chemical, and biological. An air pump will provide fresh oxygen for your fishes. They can be a little noisy, but will keep your fish healthy. They come in variety of design and can add to the beauty of your aquarium décor. It is essential to replicate the conditions of the habitat of your fishes, so controlling water temperature is must. Use any of three types of heaters to warm up the water; glass immersion heater, under gravel heaters and electronic thermostats.

Lighting up your aquarium especially after dark can create beautiful effects in your room. If you don’t have any live plant, you can use any incandescent or fluorescent light. For aquariums with live plants that need light for photosynthesis, the light should be used with a reflector and non-UV bulbs. You can buy fluorescent tubes or mercury vapor lamps according to the size and type of fishes in your aquarium.

If you want to create the perfect underwater habitat, you can add accessories like shipwrecks, castle ruins, bridges, and scuba divers. You can also place colorful glass marbles in the corners. Also treasure chests, skulls, ceramic pots, cartoon characters, famous landmarks, dinosaurs are also quite popular. However, the most popular are the arches & bridges replicas, as the fishes like to swim around, under, and over them with their open holes and spaces.

Even though decorating the aquarium is a fun activity, make sure you research about your aquarium type well and find out decoration items that suit the aquarium salinity, temperature, fish species and biotope. You can create color themes by choosing same colored gravel, rocks, plants, corals, marbles, and lights and match them with the theme background.