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African Home Decor

The mystifying African home décor has always appealed to many across time and continents. From rich furnishings to handcrafted textiles and from African masks to intriguing sculptures, fanciers have freely merged the richness and diversity of Africa with contemporary sophistication to create a stunning display of colors, textures and furnishing. However, before you try this fascinating décor, it is important to understand its nitty-gritty first. To begin with, African décor is an amalgam of varied influences. Simply put, the style borrows inspiration from different part of the continent. A typical African home is a mix of influences—here you will find the vibrancy of Moroccan homes, the classiness of European homes, and the tribal essence of Uganda, all beautifully merged under one roof. Be it the safari home décor or the flowery Moroccan interior, African home décor is functional and aesthetic in every way. Make this beautiful décor part of your home, this isn’t just intriguing, but exciting too.

African Interior Design

Painting The Home
A typical African home is a mix of natural elements and vibrant hues. You can incorporate colors like green, purple and blue. Darker hues like black, yellow and red are also preferable. However, exercise restraint while experimenting with the palette as a wrong hue could make the room appear smaller. The density of colors to be used depends upon the size of the room. You can opt for wall murals to recreate a jungle look. If that does not suit your taste, try using some basic colors in the neutral palette. Opting for beige color with a stenciled border in jewel tone would be an incredible choice.

African Décor Furniture
Your African theme interior décor is incomplete without dramatic and symbolic African furniture. The furniture you opt for must be casual yet ornamental. You can opt for rattan cane furniture to recreate the African feel. For more graceful and ceremonial look, go for bright colored hardwoods. You can also pick large pieces with beautiful carvings and interesting lines. Furniture in bamboo and mahogany can be painted in dark shades with a mosaic finish for more appeal.

Decorate With African Lamps
Lighting is one factor that could make a room appear dramatic and exotic in appearance and ambiance. Lighting the rooms with Moroccan lamps, hurricane lamps and a few native oil lamps would enhance the look and provide a warm glow. Placing candles in varied colors and patterns in groups would also help recreate the African appeal.

Do Consider The Accents
Explore the accents by purchasing replicas of tribal masks and earthenware jars. You can use jars with plants, drums, woven baskets and cooking utensils to accentuate the effect. Placing them on the walls or around the room would make your room an expressive statement of African décor. Also common are the hand carved statues, vases and flatware that symbolizes the African tribe.

Animal Prints Enhance The Look
Including animal prints to the décor is one popular way to deck up your home in African style. You can include fabrics with animal prints such as leopard spots and tiger stripes. These fabrics can be used for rugs, window treatments, pillows and throws. Using bright animal prints such as red pillow having a zebra print creates a beautiful atmosphere. Trying conventional prints with African theme figures, geometric patterns and motifs to make your look appear even more appealing. Adding mud clothes and Bogolon Mali prints would further help you to pull off the exotic African look.

Decorate With African Masks
Masks are an indispensable part of any African home décor. You can hang them on the walls or place them on the mantels to enhance the expressive power and visual impact of your room. Available in varied colors, patterns, and textures, these masks can be tastefully teamed up with African statues, artifacts and teak furniture to create a more bona fide appeal. But don’t make the mistake to think of these masks as pure embellishments. Nearly all masks have some traits that are common to the African culture, history and social and religious events.

Decorating Your Table
If your rooms and walls can be ornamented with African art, why not the tables? Decorate your tables with candleholders made of soapstone, clay and shell. Placing green accented flowers would readily transport you to the African grasslands while lilac and violet flowers are symbolic of African people’s life. Arrange the vases in three different groups to make it the focal point for your decorations.

Rich in culture and exotic in colors, the African home décor is the best way to design your dream home. Explore and conquer it, to make it your own.