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accessorize your home

No home décor is complete without the right accessories to enhance the beauty of your home. Accessorizing your home with handpicked items not only adds a personal touch to it, but also turns a house into a home. Personal items that you have collected over the years can just do so much to amp up your living space. The first important step it to find, collect and categorize your décor items. Once that is done, accessorize using items from all categories in every room of your house. Try and create a symmetrical balance when arranging. You can also place items according to color, shape, or design in a room to give it a theme. Make sure you don’t digress from your theme or else a rustic object will look out of place in a modern setting. Sticking to your theme will create a cohesive, more unified look. To create a unique look, mix and match textures, shapes and colors. You can also create a visual interest by placing objects of varying height in a group.Try to create a focus point in every room, decorate that area well, and then work your way around. This will help in a clean clutter free accessorizing style. Here are simple ways of accessorizing your home.

Ideas On Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing With Lights
Lighting is essential in adding depth, character and style to your home décor. Lights and lamps of any size and shape can be used for accessorizing your rooms. Lighting is also used for display purposes where the light may only serve as an ornament. Counter lighting is great idea for soft diffused lights in bookshelves and showcases. You can also highlight a special art piece with down lights.Candle lights and pendant lights can help in creating a romantic mood.

Accessorizing With Mirrors
The beauty of the sunrays reflected from a smartly placed mirror can illuminate your room beautifully. Also, mirrors make the rooms feel larger. Match the theme of the room and pick up mirrors with ancient golden trims for a rustic looking room and a steel finish mirror frame for the contemporary bedroom. You can add two wall sconces on the sides. Accessorize your accessory by hanging beautiful wreaths and floral swag over the mirror.

Accessorizing With Plants
Remember to pick plants that go well with your décor. It is always safe to choose sleek and clean lined planters, as you don’t want your home to look like a jungle with bushy big plants. Fill spaces between furniture by placing planted pots. You can place a tall fern plant at the corner of your room. Small potted plants look best on a mantle, table or bookshelves. Avoid thorny plants if you have children at home. Consider size, shape, texture and color when adding a plant in your décor.

Accessorizing With Photo Frames
Create interesting patterns by grouping photo frames of similar pattern together. Another way of hanging or placing photo frames is by pictures. People like to display family photos in living room and prefer to keep the personal couple photographs in the bedroom. Pick out pictures and get them framed in a variety of different frames to suit your décor and style of the room. A photo wall can be created by randomly placing big and small photo frames to create a large square or rectangle on the wall.

Accessorizing With Flowers
Experiment with unique color themes for different rooms. Choose peaceful white for your living room and passionate red for your bedroom, yellow and orange can liven up your kitchen and dining room. You can choose to use only one flower type or get a bouquet of mixed flowers in a single color. Take inspiration from the paintings, fabrics, and colors in your home to create symphony in the arrangement. Creating seasonal themes is also popular where you can try flowers of the season to make dramatic statements.

Accessorizing With Art
The best uses for all the souvenirs you have collected from all your foreign trips is to use them to accessorize your homes. The simplest option would be to install a showcase and place all the items there. However, you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire them. Visit an antique store to pick up interesting art décor items that match your style. Make use of mason jars, glass milk jugs, unique wine glasses and water pitchers. Buy a pair of multipurpose trendy candle stands and place them on your mantle.

Accessorizing With Wall Arrangements
You donot need a Picasso or a Van Gogh to beautify your walls. Pick up wall paintings done by a local artist to add a touch of ‘art’ to your walls. Think of personal themes. For instance, if you are a music or movie enthusiast, decorate the wall with a combination of real musical instruments, record album covers, music posters, and original classic movie posters. Parents also love to display their children’s artwork on the walls. If you want to match the décor theme with the wall décor, then invest in some wall sculptures in a variety of materials like metal, steel, iron, copper, glass and wood. Also, try unframed art and tapestries.

Accessorizing With Fabrics
With the huge range of fabrics and textiles that can be used to accessorize your home, it is easy to go overboard. Remember to match the color and style of the fabrics to the décor. Rugs should be chosen to add comfort and softness. Pillows and cushions can add rich luxury to your bare furniture. Color co-ordinate the fabrics like rugs, towels, napkins, place mats and tablecloths of every room separately to create symmetry. Use light curtains with contemporary style settings, but choose heavy embroidered drapes to suit the ancient décor of your room.

These easy tips can give your home a bold new look. Alternate the placement of the accessories regularly to create interesting décor. This will also help to create a new look every time. The important aspect to remember is to avoid clutter and not to stray from your décor style.