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wallpaper glue removal

The wall in your living room will certainly look messy after stripping off that old wallpaper. Litters of wallpaper glue on the wall can make the surface look uneven and messy and flakes of paints falling on the floor at uncertain intervals can completely take away the smoothness of your wall that it was once known for. You do not want this condition to go unnoticed and immediately would like to swing into action to attend to this deplorable state of the wall in your living room. So, you must know the nitty gritty involved in successful removal of wallpaper glue on the wall. Generally, wallpaper glues are made of methylcellulose and starch. There are many wallpaper glue removal solutions available in the market ranging from enzyme based to chemicals to eco-friendly solutions. Removing wallpaper glue from the wall calls for heavy duty task and hard labor. So, go through the stepwise task for removing wallpaper glue from the wall.

How To Remove Wallpaper Glue

Wallpaper Glue Removal Solutions
First, you need to decide on which type of solution you want to use for removing the wallpaper glue. There are plenty of wallpaper glue removal solutions available in the market such as dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, vinegar and safe and simple eco-friendly solutions. After picking right solution, you can start your work of removing wallpaper glue from the wall. However, professionals employ steamers and pump sprayer for removing the wallpaper glue. If you are keen, you can rent one of these tools from local dealers.

Getting Ready For Action

    • Prepare yourself for the task. Make sure you cover the floor space where you are going to be working with carpet or plastic to avoid spillage of water and other waste stuff.
    • Get a bucket filled with water preferably hot or warm water.
    • Add a solution to the bucket water. Make sure you put 1-2 tablespoon of solution to a bucket of water.
    • Get all the tools ready such as sponge, piece of cloth, grill cleaner, putty knife, tape, sprayer, and scrub.
    • If you are using sprayer, pump up the solution in the sprayer.
    • Switch off all electricity outlets and connections leading to the wall to prevent injury and shock.
    • Get a chair and a waste bin for your work to begin.

Start Your Action On The Wall

    • Start with spraying on the wall to soften the glue. Make sure you spray water from the top.
    • Wait for 5 minutes, so that the wallpaper glue is soft and ready for removal.
    • Take putty knife to scrub and scrap the unwanted glue from the wall.
    • Try using heavy duty scrub if glue is still stuck to the wall
    • Try repeating the process until you have covered all the wallpaper glue stuck area on the wall.
    • You can also use grill cleaner for easy use to avoid that hard labor on your part.
    • Empty the bucket of solution water and refill with fresh water.
    • After removing all the glue, take out sponge to clean the wall.
    • Wait for wall to dry or you may put on the fan to dry the wall.
    • Dispose the litters in a bin

Repair The Wall
No matter how careful you work to scrap glue from the wall, damage or impairment on the wall is bound to occur. Smoothen the surface of wall and paint the wall with scented odour. Though this may sound very time-consuming process and tedious task, the joy of having nice looking wall will surely do wonders to set your mood fly high.

Useful Suggestions

    • Make sure you do not use solution, which contains bleach as it has high chances of damaging your household items such as rug and carpet if it accidently falls on them.
    • Unlike above wallpaper glue removal solutions, some of the commercial solutions are found in hardware and local paint stores. These commercial solutions are formulated to soften the glue and facilitate its easy removal.

Removing wallpaper glue from the wall may look onerous task in the beginning, but following the stepwise task mentioned above will certainly make things easy. So, do not feel muddled seeing the messy wall in your living room. Don’t let it cry for your attention for the facelift. Rush on to give a complete new look.