Types Of Siding

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Types of Sliding

Siding is an important constituent in the construction of a house as it accentuates the exterior. An exquisite exterior can make even the most ordinary of houses look stunning. Therefore, you must choose the siding for your home wisely. Nowadays, there are myriads of options available regarding the sidings. However, the things you must consider before going for a particular siding are the design of your home, your lifestyle and your budget. Moreover, there are sidings that are expensive, but highly durable while there are some which entail high maintenance cost. You must take into account all these factors in order to make a prudent choice regarding sidings, as the appearance of your home rests heavily on your choice. To assist you in your pursuit, here is some vital information on the different types of siding.

Different Types Of Siding

Stucco Exteriors
Stucco is nothing but a conglomeration of water cement and some other ingredients like sand and lime. There are several methods of applying stucco, but hand-troweled is considered as the best. Stucco can be smooth, rough or somewhere in between. The reason behind its immensely popularity, which dates back to the Renaissance, is its strength and durability. The upper surface of stucco is so hard that moisture hardly seeps in. Original stucco is durable, but expensive. However there are cheaper synthetic options available, but they are much less durable as compared to the original one.

Stone Siding
A stone siding is perhaps one of the oldest and most reliable of all sidings. It looks beautiful and can withstand the rigors of extreme climatic conditions. Nowadays, the products used in stone siding can be either natural or simulated. The artificial stone faces are much lighter and easier to install. But it is also true that stone siding is the most expensive of all the siding options. Therefore, those who are not willing to spend too much of their financial resources can go for corning, which is pre-cast stone veneer and facing.

Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. The most significant feature of vinyl siding is that it is inexpensive and never needs painting. However, as vinyl expands and contracts during different weathers, it tends to slide freely from side to side. One more advantage of vinyl is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. The difficulty with vinyl is that it is prone to cracking and splitting and after a few years, might even look stained and washed out. Moreover, the most key component of vinyl — PVC— is not eco-friendly.

Brick Exteriors
The use of bricks for siding may be an old practice, but they have hardly lost their popularity even today. The most significant feature of brick is that it lasts long and withstands all climatic conditions. Moreover, bricks are also available in wide variety of colors. Though initially having a brick siding may seem costly, but factually it is economical in the long run. The reason is that the maintenance of a brick siding hardly costs as compared to other sidings. However, if brick is not part of your original structure, then you can add bricks by installing a brick veneer, also known as brick face, which is not a complete brick block.

Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding and vinyl are so similar in appearance that it is hardly possible to distinguish between them without touching. Though aluminum siding is easy to manage and is very durable, the color is liable to fade and unlike vinyl, it can be dented. Depending upon the temperature, it can also expand or shrink. However, it is inexpensive and is also considered to be eco-friendly. Aluminum siding can also be painted. An oil-based paint over latex is recommended in this case.

Wood Siding
Wood siding is perhaps one of the most durable sidings when it comes to making a good choice. It comes in different types such as shake, clapboard, singles or lap. If properly maintained, a wood siding can last as long as 300 years. The woods, which are most frequently used in this type of siding, are cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, cyprus and douglas fir. However, pine is considered the classiest of all wood sidings.

Log Siding
A log siding can make your home appear a log home. Log siding are available in quarter logs and half logs. Some log sidings, though resemble wood, are not actually wood, and are available in vinyl or steel. However, the most popular wood choices for log siding are pine or cedar.

Cedar Shingles Siding
If you are looking for a natural theme for your house, then cedar shingles siding is perhaps the best bet for you. In this case, the shakes or shingles are usually stained in the earth tones like browns and grays. A key feature of cedar shingles siding is that it is easy to maintain and rarely needs to be painted.

Very few things can enhance the appearance, curb appeal and add value to your home like a new house siding. Go carefully through the various siding options and consider all the pros and cons of it before making a prudent choice.