Types Of Curtains

Types Of Curtains

Lend your rooms that extra bit of privacy or drama with the right curtains! Curtains add a wow appeal to every room and hence, it is a sheer folly to leave your windows bare and unfurnished. There are many types of curtains available in the market which you can choose to dress up your window. Curtains add style and color to any window whilst maintaining privacy and preventing direct sunlight from flooding your room. Curtains also form an important part of general décor of your home. Every homemaker would want to dress up their window with gorgeous looking curtains. There are various types of curtains with varying prints, patterns and fabrics. Voiles, blinds, shades, beads, French pleat, sheers, tab, panel and café are some of the types of curtains you can choose to dress up your window. So, before embarking on shopping your curtains, a little bit of research on types of curtains available in the market will greatly help in picking the best furnishing for your window.

Different Types Of Curtains

French Pleat
The French pleat curtain is suitable for master bedroom or living room as it gives a very formal look to the room. This type of curtain has tri-pleat sections that are clipped together at the base so that they are wide open at the top. A special curtain rod is needed to hold the pleats together for this type of curtain.

Voiles Curtain
Made of lightweight fabric, this type of curtain is suitable for use in tropical regions where heat and sun is the order of the day. Owing to its lightweight feature, it can be easily cleaned and washed, is low on maintenance and can easily be put on poles and rods. It can be best used in kitchen window and living room or can be used as an inner layer for heavy fabric curtain.

Blinds Curtain
This type of curtain is available in different shapes and styles such as horizontal, vertical, roller, blackout and Venetian. Blinds can be made of wood, plastic, metals and fabric. Blinds can be used with the help of strings to check the light from entering the room. This type of curtain is easy to maintain and is user friendly.

Shades Curtain
This type of curtain does not have slats and can only be moved up or down. It is generally made of solid material such as polyethylene fabric and lace. Shades’ polyethylene fabric helps in lowering the room temperature.

Beads Curtain
Beads curtain is one for those who want to give contemporary feel to their room decor. This type of curtain is available in range of materials ranging from glass, acrylic, gemstones, shells, bamboo, string and mirror. Bead curtain type is generally moisture-resistant and goes well for a bathroom window as shower curtain.

Lace Curtain
Lace curtain represents classic style and goes well with antique décor. The lightness of lace curtain allows natural light to come in and warm up sitting area of your room or light up your kitchen which has poor ventilation. However, lace curtain may not be the best one for use in a bedroom setting.

Sheers Curtain
This type of curtain adds romantic feel to a room. It is very light, airy and see-through type of curtain, which makes great combination as inner layer for heavier curtains.

Tab Curtain
Although tab curtain has a very casual look, it is versatile and straight. This kind of curtain has tabs at the top which can be dropped on the curtain rod. The curtain rod features the spaces of the tabs.

Panel Curtain
Also known as casement, rod pocket or pole top curtain, it is a straight curtain having one or two pockets at the top, and its pole slides through one of the pockets. This kind of curtain is best suited for windows, which are not frequently used.

Café Curtain
Cafe curtain is mostly used in kitchen window. This kind of curtain is usually placed inside window frame and valance added on the top of it. Café curtain is great for adding color and maintaining privacy for your kitchen window.

Furnishing your house window with beautiful curtains with different prints, colors, patterns such as floral, plaid, striped style and animal prints brings elegance to your dwelling which you cannot afford to overlook. Lightweight curtains are mostly used for tropical regions where as heavier curtains are used for temperate to polar zone regions. Heavyweight curtains such as velvet, tweed, denim, tapestry and suede are highly functional and maintain warmness during winter months. They also add texture to your dwelling. So, before deciding on a curtain for your window, it is worthwhile to know the types of curtains available in the market so that you choose best ones for your sweet home.