Tuscan Kitchen Décor


Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscany, the picturesque Italian town known for its enchanting landscape and aesthetic inheritances, has greatly influenced many cultures. “Tuscan” style of decorating is known for incorporating all the elements of nature. Metals, clay, stone, wood, and countless other elements congregate to create a fascinating décor. Gone are the days when kitchens used to be walled-off rooms. Now a single extended space accommodates both the dining and kitchen zones. It is the space where your family and guests gather and savor their victuals and spend some quality time together. As your kitchen witnesses so many emotional moments, it has to be special and this splendid Italian Renaissance design is just the right way to make your kitchen feel and look special. You can achieve this Tuscan kitchen-decorating scheme by fusing rich colors, natural features, lighting, furniture, wall art, and accessories. Result! A warm welcoming and enchanting kitchen; in short the kitchen of your dreams. Read the article below to learn more about Tuscan kitchen décor.

Tuscan Kitchen Design

The Motley Of Colors
The Tuscan kitchen décor is marked for its use of diverse colors. It is known for its use of warm earthy colors like orange and yellow, with gold and terracotta on the walls that gives a rustic feeling to the kitchen. Tuscan kitchen has a twang of colors in reds, sunshine yellows, sea blues, shining blues, bright greens, and browns mixed with burgundy. However, make sure not to use very bright fresh or pastel tones.

Floors In Earthy Shades
The use of similar materials for flooring in earthy shades is considered to be a fine choice for Tuscan style flooring. You can go for granite, stone, marble, limestone, and slate for flooring. Mosaic and colored tiles are also popular choices for this type of kitchen. Terracotta or lightly distressed wooden floorboards lay a typical Tuscan feel to the kitchen. You may also choose a gripping scene of a Tuscan village with rustic farmhouses, vineyards, grapes or wine or other fruit, for an enchanting Tuscan style mural.

Walls Bearing Weatherworn Texture
The real Tuscany kitchens are generally roughly plastered. The colors which are applied to the walls are of mostly blunt texture and the paints used have a weatherworn effect. To accentuate your Tuscan kitchen décor, you can use a fake paint finish of antique plaster, or a sand added paint. The colors which are implemented are lustrous and exotic.

Tuscan Style Furniture
The Tuscan style furniture is specifically antiquated and rustic. You can pick outmoded thick wood furniture having a poor finishing and old painting. You may also go for table linen in luxurious tones to render an exotic look. For further enhancement of the décor, you may choose chair cushions in bleak colors. Make sure to use a lot of wrought iron in furniture. You can use wrought iron wine racks and plant stands for your kitchen decor. Wooden cupboards with wire-meshed doors can add to its flamboyance.

Kitchen Counters And Cabinet Doors
Stone materials like granite, travertine, and slate are used to make kitchen counters that offer a strong rustic feeling to your Tuscany style kitchen. The colors preferred for cabinets are generally in dark tones like the red, greens, blues and yellows and the cabinets are often painted in strong contrasting colors.

Some Tuscan Style Accessories
To accentuate the décor, you can use ceramics and terracotta in rustic colors. You can put some decorative jars, pitchers, pottery bowls, urns, racks, glassware, and dinnerware on display. Use of copper vessels, pots and pans or wrought rack, ceramic canisters, candle holders, and metal urns are considered to be the most exquisite feature of a Tuscany style decor. You may also exhibit some ornamental jars and bottles filled with oils, olives, fruits, and peppers.

As the entire appearance of the Tuscan kitchen is old and rustic, hence, the lighting has to be of similar taste. Modern chandeliers and other contemporary lighting techniques don’t go well with the Tuscan decor. Better go for antique-looking wrought iron lights. It is better to stick with toned down metals and it’s important to stay away from shiny materials.

The Tuscan Style Backsplashes
One of the key features of the Tuscan-style homes is the backsplashes, which often steals the limelight and overshadows all other components of the kitchen décor. These spaces are colored in bright eye-catching colors, like the rust, greens, gold, yellows, and creams. One more prominent ingredient of Tuscan kitchen décor is murals that make it look even more magnificent. The murals invariably feature grapevines, olives, and fruits that a typical Tuscany countryside is abundant with. Other styles include geometric stylized designs in bright colors that complement the earth tones of Tuscan décor.

Make your Tuscan styled kitchen warm and inviting by picking cues from the above-mentioned ideas and revamping your kitchen a la the Italian way.