Table Decoration Ideas

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Table Decoration Ideas

It’s a known thing that visual appeal contributes to the overall sense of taste. Be it a day-to-day arrangement or a special occasion like a dinner party, decoration is an important part of a skillful, artistic and impressive presentation. There are various ways of decorating a table depending on the accessories you use. You could arrange the table, based on a theme or with simple floral centerpieces. Candles add to the overall ambience and are last words in romantic table arrangements. Needless to say that proper placing of cutleries is very important, especially if you are arranging a formal gathering. Personal, casual or formal, alluring table arrangements could be the perfect bid to receive whole-hearted appreciation. This article provides you with general tips on table arrangement while also, for added benefit, help you arrange table according to the mealtime as well. Have a look at it.

How To Decorate Table

Table Cloth
You simply can’t go wrong with white when it comes to draping your table, but if you want to try something colorful, you can opt for any table cloth that complements other table decors. You may consider adding colorful doilies, runners and overlays to add some more colors to the entire decor. Using napkins of contrasting colors will also add more colors to the dining podium.

Lighting Ideas
To add more intimacy to the occasion, candles are the best option. However, it would be better if you could arrange candles as centerpiece accents. Try including candles of different sizes, shapes and color to jazz up the ambience. If you are not sure about the other person’s taste, better don’t go for scented candles, as it may not be appreciated by everyone. Different shapes and colors of candles are made specifically for wedding receptions that are used to decorate and light up the tables. You may consider using mirrors at the base of the candles to reflect more light. You can even use rope lights along the table edges to decorate it.

Centerpieces add elegance to table arrangements. Floral centerpieces are the most popular, but you may choose from candle centerpieces as well. Theme based table arrangement should be complemented with suitable centerpieces. As far as the arrangement is concerned, you may either use several centerpieces or go for one single large centerpiece. The most traditional way of wedding reception table décor is the use of floral wedding centerpieces. If you use a round or oval table, single centerpiece will be more suitable, but if it is rectangular table, you may opt for more than one.

Fruit Bowls And Fish Bowls
Fruit bowls and fish bowls are increasingly becoming popular décor pieces. To create a wonderful fruit bowl, fill an attractive bowl with fruits cut in different shapes. Gold wish bowls are wonderful décor pieces, but not fit for any gathering involving children. You may create your own theme using your creativity, for instance, you may create a beach theme with starfish and shell centerpieces. You may also use cookie basket, pictures of related occasions or person — the choices are unlimited.

Table Setting
China cutlery and glasses are wonderful options to create a stunning table decoration. Silverwares are last words of elegance. Do not forget to arrange ornately folded napkins, of course, in matching shades.

Set Table According To Mealtime
The best option to decorate your table for breakfast is to go for fruits. Use cutleries and napkins that co-ordinate well with the fruits. Seasonal flowers, pitchers or vases are also good choices. Daisies and oranges or green grapes and lilac flowers, etc. are best flower-fruit combinations.

Pedestal plates are good choice for a perfect champagne brunch. Stacking fruit, muffins, scones and tea biscuits would be much appreciated. Arrange pedestals with metal plates with warm breakfast choice like sausage, waffles, home fries, crepes, pancakes, etc. Use black, white and silver for contrast along with brightly colored fruit such as raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

Lunch table can be decorated with beach themes with skillfully arranged seashells, starfish and nautical-themes. Striped tablecloth, white napkins and clear glass plates and glasses will add more grace to the lunch table.

Afternoon Tea
Any color is suitable for tea table arrangement. You may select tea rose decorations to add elegance to your teatime. Pink color theme goes well with the décor — better if combined with flowered china pattern cups. Better to go for a complete tea set with tea ball, creamer and sugar set, teapot and a plate for lemon wedges.

To have an enchanting dinnertime, decorate the table with gold tablecloth and a black ice bucket. Gold-rimmed chinawares and crystal and gold-plated flatware would give the perfect romantic dinner ambience. It could be awesome if you could arrange a simple crystal vase with single long-stemmed white rose or orchid. No need to site the importance of candles, without which any dinner setting is incomplete.

Decoration and presentation are as important as preparing tasty food. Nicely decorated tables would provide a warm and beautiful platform to serve food and garner you all the appreciation.