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Studio Apartment Design

There was a time when people lived in huge mansions that had ample spaces to accommodate a battalion. Today, times have changed, and space constraint has forced man to fit into whatever little space he has. Currently, studio apartments with their limited spaces seem to be the most convenient living option and it is up to us to take up the challenge and fit into it. However, designing a studio apartment could be a big-time challenge, as it has an undivided space where sleeping area, cooking area, dining area, study area, and the living area co-exists. You will have to take up the daring task of fitting the multi-functionalities of every room into a single space in a way that it is not cramped. Lack of strategy in doing it would make it look like a mess. However, overcoming the challenge will enable you to embrace a new way of living that is simpler and organized. Downsized spaces are today’s trend, follow the below mentioned ideas to make it your way of life!

Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Prioritize The Space
To use the space of your studio apartment to the fullest, ensure that your home, in no way, looks jumbled up and small. A preferred way of doing this is to keep only the necessary upholsteries and discard the unnecessary ones. Keep in mind that unless your apartment is big, there is no point in putting up stuff just for the sake of beauty. Your priority must always be utility.

Create A Focal Point
If you have a natural focal point, you are lucky! Otherwise, you must create one. For example, if you have a fireplace as a focal point, put your furniture in such a way that the fireplace is highlighted. Having one wall in an entirely different color draws more attention into the room, making it appear bigger. You can beautify it using a large credenza or accessories.

Create Sufficient Storage Space
While choosing stuffs for your studio apartment, ensure to include a storage space to hold things that you do not wish to abandon. You must have a spacious and properly maintained storage space for that.

Avoid Clutters
It is suicidal to have clutters in a small apartment. Having too many furniture and less traffic flow creates difficulty for people to go around. To avoid this, you can keep your essential items such as bed linens away in a dresser or in a wicker basket. Ensure to keep the kitchen counters clean by arranging everything in the cupboard. You can also use containers to conceal the clutter.

Maintain A Single Theme
To have a traffic-free studio apartment, it is always preferable to stick to a single theme while designing. People usually have a tendency to overdo a design, which complicates the matter. Creating well-defined areas and avoiding infringement of one space over another can make your furniture shopping quite easy. In that way, people have a clear idea about the availability of the space.

Create Zones
While designing a studio apartment, it would be a wise move to divide the space into separate zones for various tasks. Using curtains or dividers, you can separate the sleeping area while good shag rug can be used to separate the living area. A headboard would serve as a dividing wall for sleeping space and living area.

Space Conscious Furniture
Gone are those days when there was specific furniture for each task. In a studio apartment, it is always good to buy a space saving furniture. Purchasing a sofa set which takes up the role of a bed is a good example. Smaller bathtubs are also something that fits into it. It would also be a wise move if you could find chairs and ottomans with large storage areas. Its top portion could be lifted to find enough space for pillows, blankets and other items. Purchasing fold-up desks is helpful as it can be folded-up into the wall and serves as a laptop space.

Mirrors Make The Room Bigger
Placing mirrors is a good option as it reflects light. Strategically keeping a few large sized and small sized mirrors in your room make the space appear large. To avoid the rooms from appearing dark and crowded, it is good to cover the windows using blinds and draperies, or else leave it bare.

Keep It Small
The chosen furniture for studio apartment must be in correct proportion with the size of the apartment. Huge sofas and dining tables make your apartment look small and cramped. It is always good to buy small furniture such as rounded kitchen table or a love seat. The kitchen table can be dressed up using a runner and a centerpiece. You can also make the loveseat more dramatic by using pillows.

Designing a studio apartment is definitely not a bed of roses. However, taking the correct tips would fetch you the result. With some creativity and a little patience, you surely can make your studio apartment look appealing