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small kitchen design idea

Do you have a small kitchen in your house, which you adore to your heart and want to make it more glamorous, extended, and operational? There is nothing to be ashamed of your modest kitchen. In fact, dimensions shouldn’t be an obstacle to hinder you from converting your regular kitchen into your dream space for cooking and baking! Yes, it may be demanding for the homemakers to give a grand look within the limited space available to them. Nevertheless, you can make it more organized, magnificent and clutter-free by adopting some great ideas and techniques. Little but crucial aspects like adding soft colors to your kitchen or installing deep cabinets or open shelving for tits and bits or fitting compact appliances instead of bulky ones or fixing recessed lighting or removing the unnecessary furnishings (which diminishes the floor space) can bring about miraculous improvements in your small kitchen. Allow your kitchen to sparkle and become more utilitarian than before. Following ideas will guide you through designing your small kitchen in a more effective way!

Splashing The Right Colors
Coating your kitchen with bright colors is the best instrument for giving an illusion of a bigger space. Never go for dark colors or bold designs that will shrink your kitchen, visually. Soothing hues of white, crème, beige, and off-white can cheer up the walls, curtains, kitchen appliances, cabinets and the flooring. Even choose tiles, which are of neutral colors with gorgeous small designs inscribed on them. Apply different shades and tinges of similar colors to define each section of your kitchen.

You Need Adequate Storage
Install deep cabinets of light colors or wood finishes to give sophistication to your kitchen. If you lack cabinet space, you can even hang a pot rack to hang pots and pans and attach a shelving unit to hold small appliances and other utensils. Choose wooden cabinets with a horizontal grain and also replace solid doors with glass doors to give the feeling of an amplified space. Glass cabinets are great options as they add radiance to your small kitchen by exhibiting your pretty collection of dishes. Inaugurate tall cabinets touching the ceiling for large storage requirements. Even a light-colored or mirrored backsplash makes the kitchen look broader.

Open Shelving Is Back
Open shelving has taken a comeback in compact modern kitchens and are a delight for homemakers who need to display their beautiful kitchenwares. Open shelving is not only easier to install, but is also very easy on the pocket as compared to traditional wooden cabinets. Organize the amount and types of dishes you wish to place in your open shelves, classify them by size or design, and exhibit them aesthetically in your small kitchen. Lucid storage containers for cereals and pulses will take less space as compared to bulky bags and boxes. In case you don’t find open shelving exciting, go for cabinets with glass doors that also have a visual appeal.

Appliances – Smaller The Better
Evaluate the space available with you and without compromising on functionality, fit compact kitchen appliances rather than full-size models. For instance, slim dishwashers can replace huge full-fledged dishwashers and 24-inch deep refrigerators can replace 30-inch one. Even similar color palette for all your kitchen equipments like toasters, sandwich makers, and blenders can beautify your humble kitchen. Conversely, dark contrasting colors on your appliances can distract the whole view of your kitchen, making it visually smaller. Why not add your compact microwave above your oven range? Modern microwaves can even be mounted to the walls.

Lighting – The Core Factor
You need to reconsider your lighting options to decorate your beloved kitchen and enlighten it adequately. You can fix lights the under cabinets to create the fantasy of space. Light fixtures should be proportionate to the size of your kitchen. Never go for large chandeliers just in the attempt to make your kitchen more royal. Instead go for recessed lighting, which will grant a modern appearance and will accommodate effortlessly in your small kitchen. Also, discard light fixtures hanging below your ceiling or any fluorescent overhead lighting. Even a large window will allow a lot of natural light to enter your kitchen making it warm and radiant!

Remove Those Extra Furnishings!
Ideally, a small kitchen shouldn’t include dining space with dining table and chairs. So, get the extra furniture out of your modest kitchen and let it be a place exclusively for baking and cooking. In case you strongly desire some sort of sitting arrangement in your kitchen, install a counter along the wall and slip stools underneath for a space-saving substitute to your dining table. Also, avoid interior doors that swing open. Either go for bi-folded door that requires lesser space or completely avoid door in your small kitchen.

In brief, though small kitchens come with their own design challenges and hindrances, with little ingenuity and skill, you can win over those hurdles and create a kitchen of your dreams that will radiate your own traits and personality. Allow more traffic flow in your kitchen by grouping up similar items and displaying them aesthetically in your kitchen. If your kitchen looks pale with neutral colors, add bright colored accessories, artwork, and rugs in your kitchen. In the end, it should be a delight for you to enter your kitchen each day and make your cooking the most pleasurable of all jobs.