Porch Decorating Ideas

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Porch Decorating Ideas

Your porch is an extension of your living space that not only links the exterior of your home to the other interior parts, but also connects you to the rest of your neighborhood.  Hence, it’s important that you do it up tastefully. The porch is the quintessential American architectural feature that not only adds to prettify your home, but also makes for a great hangout zone. While front porches create first impressions about your homes, the back porches serve as the perfect stage for a casual get-together. Your empty porch is like a blank canvas and you are the artist. You can paint it randomly or choose a theme and create a masterpiece. You can do up your porch depending on the style and space of your home. The fun part about decorating a porch is that you can play with different themes, textures, furniture and settings and modify it the way you want. Below enlisted are some exciting porch décor ideas to get you started.

Porch Décor Ideas

Front Porch
A beautifully decorated front porch is like a huge welcome sign and offers a sneak-peek into the persona of your home. Your front porch décor should be relaxed and inviting. The front porch connects your interior with the exterior. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the overall theme of the décor of your home. Decorate your front porch as you would do your home interiors.

Plants and Flowers
Hang potted flowers at your front porch to usher in your guests with overwhelming floral fragrance. You can choose flowerpots and baskets in various colors, shapes and designs. For an in inexpensive décor, use your old light sconce to pot these flowers and hang them. If you have enough space to spare, you can put up a rusty looking wrought iron table and make an interesting flower arrangement on it. Also, try to grow green plant creepers on the pillars of your porch. For an everlasting décor, buy artificial flower wreaths in miniature sizes and hang them.

Lights and Lamps
The best and the most inexpensive way to spruce up the décor of your front porch is to illuminate it smartly and tastefully. Place lamps, sconces and pendant lights beside the door. You can also experiment with down lights. Porch lanterns create a special warm glow as well as brighten up the dark alleys. You can choose from a variety of lights like Japanese porch lights, wall mount porch lights, pendant porch lights, etc. to light up your porch.

Wind Chimes
This fine musical piece not only serves as a beautiful embellishment, but also fills the air with a tonal chime. Wind chimes create mesmerizing sounds when they tinkle and chime in the breeze. There are great varieties of wind chimes available and you can choose from various styles, colors and sizes to suit your taste and décor. All you have to do is to find a nail and hang it at the front porch and let the breeze do its job.

You can stylize your front porch by painting your door and also adding cool accessories to it. Give it a bright color makeover by hanging wreaths, using fancy letterboxes and other decorative pieces. You can replace the existing door handles and doorknobs with uniquely designed ones. Install a Victorian styled door knock to boost the look of the front porch. You can also change your house number and nameplate for ones that are more eye-catching. Place fancy door mats to spruce up the look of your space.

Railings And Columns
Create the perfect fence for your porch by utilizing railings and column designs to create a railing. You can create innovative designs with them and accessorize them to enhance your porch look. Choose between wood balusters, turned balusters, sawn porch balusters, aluminum porch railing, cable railing, glass deck railings, vinyl lattice, wrought iron porch railings or the most simple of these, the knee walls.

Back Porch
A place to gather, relax and eat, your back porch is as important as any other room in the house. A well-decorated back porch is one great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comforts of your home. Make sure you use sturdy weather resistant decorations to protect it from daily wear and tear. Enjoy the rains with a cup of coffee or entertain your guests with a glorious sunset in the background.

Try to keep the original flooring as your base for the back porch also. However, you can experiment by painting the floor with high gloss deck enamel or stencil patterns on the wood. Small sizes rugs are perfect for back porches. You can also create a unique identity for your back porch by tiling them differently from rest of your home. Choose bright colored ceramic tiles or concrete pavers for the design.

The back porch is meant for casual hangouts and recreation. So choose furniture that offers ultimate relaxation. Soft sofas are your best bet in this case. A lounge chair with pillows is a must-have in your back porch. Wicker sofas and chairs teamed with cushions and matching upholstery will further amp up the look and décor of your back porch. For a contemporary look, add Bentwood rockers, metal tables and chairs.

Curtains and Blinds
Soft flowing curtains that whirl up when the wind blows not only look beautiful, but also lend an airy ambiance to the porch décor. Since, you might want to protect yourself from the sun, put up curtains on rods. Also, try to install roll up shades that come in cotton, bamboo or canvas as they provide maximum protection from harsh weather. They can be opened and closed whenever needed and provide privacy too.

The timeless beauty of a swing can bring out the child in any adult. Just place one in your back porch and see yourself go back and forth to your childhood memories. Choose the one that is most comfortable to sit and suits the weather conditions of your place. Try wood, wicker, resin or the types like Amish, rustic, bench, canopies, glider, hammock, garden and the classic Adirondack.

With a variety of options to adorn your back porch, you can do simple and minimalistic decorations to pep up your porch décor. You can opt for plants and topiaries, hang mirrors, art pieces, soft cushions, pillows, lamps, photo frames, coffee pots, etc. to accessorize your porch.

The porch is the transitional space of every house and should reflect the overall style of your home. Give your porch a makeover by adding your own personal touch with items that are close to your heart. Re-designing your porch is a cinch, given you plan it properly. Make use of yard sales to stack up accessories for your porch revamp project.