Ocean Themed Bedroom Decor

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Ocean Themed Bedroom

Does the very thought of residing in a log cabin by the seaside thrill you? Do you yearn for a dwelling far away from the din and hustle of suburbs, somewhere close to the deep? Then you can very well do with an ocean-inspired space for yourself. And what better place than your own bedroom to turn into a nautical den. Armed with a few ocean themed bedroom ideas, even you can go about creating the magnificence of ocean within the four walls. Whether it is a bold blue ocean theme you are looking for or much lighter and peaceful hues or a combination of both, you can easily and effortlessly recreate the oceanic ambiance with some inspiration, lots of woods, antique nautical elements and ocean-inspired hues. Go through some of the ideas enlisted below and create an oceanic masterpiece within your home. Rest assured, you will have a tough time dragging yourself out of it every morning.

Ocean Themed Bedroom Décor
Whether it is the walls, the furniture or the accessories for the room — if done well, you can bring the oceans home. Go through some of the appealing ideas on how to go about recreating the oceanic theme in your bedroom.

Doing The Walls
There are a number of interesting ways in which you can do the walls of your room. To keep it simple, you can go for one-colored walls with any shade of blue of your choice. Faux painting the walls will give it a fine oceanic effect. Alternately, you can also paint murals and sceneries on the wall and create a portfolio of your painting skills. Photos or renowned artwork of the ocean and seaside can also be hung on the walls. Another favored choice of decorating the walls is to use mosaic. Using shells, corals or mosaic stones on the walls can add a lot of depth and texture to the entire décor. Wallpaper of oceanic motifs like fishes or shells can be used to highlight one of the walls too. Also, bordering the walls with ocean themed stickers can work equally well for you.

The Furniture And Fabrics
To complement the theme well, you can opt for tan colored furniture or go for the white washed ones. This kind of furniture gives a very subtle oceanic feel. However, dark colored furniture made out of mahogany can be used too to create a more rugged look. This kind of furniture can be found easily at thrift shops or garage sales. A bed shaped like a boat can be an ideal way to further notch up your oceanic theme. Fabrics made of natural materials like jute, cottons or sea grass can be used to cover the chairs or sofas. Throw cushions of the same fabric for further effect. The colors of these fabrics should be carefully chosen. A lot of blue hinted with lemon yellows, greens or purples for the bedding or curtains can be used.

Table lamps made of wood with pastel or neutral colored lampshades of natural fabrics looks great. If you want a much brighter and cheerful look, lampshades in the color tone of yellow or orange can be used to add a more cheerful vibe. Also, lamps with glass bases adorned with shells and pebbles can be used for further embellishing your space. Go for sheer curtains in the room to allow natural light to flow in. You can also opt for window blinds made of natural woods or bamboo sticks to recreate the beachside shack feel too.

As always, the accessories in the room gives the décor the edge it deserves. If you are a surfer or aspiring to be one, a surfboard can really accent one of the walls in the room. Hanging a net in one of the corners of the room filled with shells or decorating with accessories like lighthouses, boats, anchors or aquatic animals can bring out the oceanic feel of your room perfectly. You can either hang these in the room or adorn the shelves with them. The light switches, doorknobs or cupboard handles can also be replaced for much more interesting ones designed like shells or waves.

With these interesting ocean themed décor ideas you would have surely created your own personalized fifth ocean by now! These ideas will help you get started. However, if you are a true ocean lover, then you can translate your own ideas in to the perfect ocean inspired bedroom.