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Jeweled tones, bohemian ambiance, intricate patterns, flowing fabrics, low-seats — these are some of the things that best describe a Moroccan home setting. Moroccan décor reinforces an effortless character to any space. Simply put, Moroccan décor is ethnic, exotic and inviting and is one ideal way to break blah of any room and add some beauty to any space. Moroccan interiors are all about great colors, styles and textures and it takes a lot of inspiration from the elaborate Islamic designs of the east. Although Morocco is a North African country, its décor is a mish-mash of Arab, Spanish and French influences. Whatever the inspirations may be, the Moroccan style of interiors can be stunningly beautiful and look very seductive. From the jeweled-tone walls to the extravagant furniture — Moroccan interiors are luxurious, dramatic and enticing and an effortless way to add some pizzazz to your boring home décor. . To acquire this fancy look for your surroundings go through the pointers discussed on this beautiful way of decoration.

Moroccan Home Décor

Texture Of Walls
The Moroccan style comprises of a very earthy and rustic look. So, instead of the fine finished and modern walls, go for weathered and textured walls. These kinds of walls help to recreate a more authentic feel. However, if you don’t want to put your walls through so much re-work, you can go for a suede effect paint, faux finish paint or a color wash to take down the smoothness of the modern walls and acquire a more ethnic look.

Colors To Use
The ideal colors to use for a Moroccan set-up are deep and rich colors. To be more explicit, interesting and spicy colors like crimson, burnt sienna, and cinnamon are what define the Moroccan look. Cobalt blues with hints of gold and silver look very elegant too. These bright hues work well with shutters, windows, doors and woodwork. However, if you are not comfortable with the overdose of heavy colors, then pastels and neutrals are just fine. You can go about accentuating the look by highlighting with accessories and fabrics.

Tiles are a very important part of Moroccan interior design, especially the beautiful handcrafted ones that accentuate the entire look. Whether it is assorted mosaic or peculiar designs, the tiles can be used anywhere, on the walls, floors or on the table tops too. A typical assorted blend of blues, greens and turquoise with intricate designs gives a very classy look and brings out the true Moroccan feel.

Textiles And Fabrics
As with all other interior decors, the textiles and fabrics are an important aspect of the decoration and the same is true for Moroccan décor too. Luxurious Persian style carpets and rugs form the base and character to the entire look. Wall hangings, throws, cushions in deep and rich colors with intricate and pretty patterns can do the trick. For the windows, elegant and flowy lightweight curtains draped from the ceilings can help you recreate the mood and magic of Moroccan style interior.

Moroccan furniture is all about simplicity. Simple styled furniture with dark colored wood like mahogany or ebony looks good. However, slight carvings with wrought iron decoration can also add to the Moroccan feel. Having screens as room dividers, either wooden ones or made of wrought iron, are typical in Moroccan styled homes. Also, plush over stuffed mattress with big cushions along with reclining couches complement the rich and relaxed Moroccan lifestyle.

Embellishments And Accessories
No interior décor is complete without embellishing the room with the right accessories. Pretty wrought iron ornaments, decorative wall art and wall sconces look great. Lanterns and lights made of brass or silver look absolutely splendid. You can either go for the simple ones or rich and ornate ones with jewel colored glass. Tea set made of ceramic or glass also makes good accessories to be placed on the consoles. Other beautiful Moroccan accessories include mirrors and bright colored pottery. To add to the décor, the sofas, cushions and curtains are consciously embellished with tassels and beads.

The Moroccan style of decor is a great way to rev up your entire home that you can make your own with the help of the ideas discussed above. These pointers on Moroccan home décor should really help you get started!