Modular Kitchen Buying Guide


Modular Kitchen Buying Tips

Modular kitchen is one of the latest trends in kitchen décor. With customized designs to cater to different individual tastes and preferences, today modular kitchen has become an authoritative ingredient in a modern kitchen décor. It isn’t just stylish, but also makes the entire cooking process easy and effortless. Not only that, it also offers you the luxury of dismantling your kitchen easily. You can carry all the modules and modular kitchen cabinets in a box and install it on our new kitchen. This system comprises of standardized units, pre-fabricated in a wide variety of materials, and is also available in a plethora of hues and finishes. As they are available in all sorts of price ranges befitting the budget of the majority, they have become one of the most coveted interior décor items in today’s time. If you have also made up your mind to buy a modular kitchen system for yourself and are clueless on how to go about it, here are some useful buying tips.

Tips On Buying Modular Kitchen

    • The first and foremost factor that you should consider before purchasing a modular kitchen is its customizability. Go for a brand that allows you to customize your kitchen according to your space and budgetary needs. For aesthetic purposes, it is important that the color and the design of your kitchen co-ordinate with the rest of your home decor. See if the color and design of a kitchen on display can be altered to reasonably match your home.
    • There are plenty of choices so far as modular kitchen designs are considered. You could have parallel counters, an L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped-kitchen, C- shaped kitchen. Moreover if your kitchen is very large or you wish to go for an open kitchen, you could also opt for an island design. However, the design has a shortcoming. It includes the hob in the island, which doesn’t go well with Indian homes, as generally Indian houses do not have underground pipelines. This makes it difficult to hide the gas pipeline.
    • Quality is one more important aspect that must be heeded. See whether the kitchen on display looks and “feels” good. The exterior beauty shouldn’t be your only criterion. Any brand can offer bright, flashy and decorative finishes. Open the shutters and pullout units and see what is there on the inside. How many stainless steel items are being provided? See also the grades of the stainless steel. For instance, 202 and 304 grades are considered good.
    • Generally, a normal modular kitchen system comprises of standardized units for the floor and the wall. The units are usually deep to house electrical appliances and kitchen utensils of varied shapes and sizes.
    • Buying a modular kitchen cabinet system can be fun, because each set may be made of a different kind of material. You can choose from natural or lacquered wood, combination of wood and laminate, laminate and granite, or even aluminum and marble. If you have other plans and already have an ingenious material at hand, than get you modular custom built for yourself to have a unique kitchen decor. Irrespective of the size and make of the kitchen, the two of the most popular choices for the cabinets and shutters have always been wood and laminate. Moreover, some opt for more sturdy materials like marbles or granite for the worktops.
    • Mild steel kitchen cabinets are prone to rusting, if not powder coated. While making purchases, try to avoid buying materials that include mild steel for above or near the stove area. The cabinets will get very heated making it difficult to open them.
    • Granite is perhaps the best option, especially for Indian style cooking, considering the uses of food coloring and gas stove preparations. However, if you are getting kitchen counters too from modular kitchen dealers, there is every possibility that it will cost you more than if you had bought the granite directly from the suppliers instead. But then again, you will have an all-inclusive cost for installation.
    • While buying modular kitchens, you must also look for good quality shutter hinges and drawer channels so that they don’t get spoilt during the monsoons. For drawers that shut on the lightest touch, go for hydraulic hinges, which have a smooth mechanism. Smoove, a type of hinge, has a similar mechanism, but is of very high quality and hence can be pretty costly.
    • There are several considerations to be made regarding design, budget and space before buying a modular kitchen. Weigh all the options available in the market before finalizing your choice.