Minimalist Living Room Design

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Minimalist Living Room Design

Whether you wish to enjoy a cozy time with your family or play the perfect host to important guests, living room is the perfect place for such things. A living room should be classy, cozy and comfy with elegant and pleasing decors without going overboard! It would be better if the living room could provide enough breathing space rather than be congested with interior décor pieces and huge furniture. This is where minimalist living rooms come into play. As the name suggests, minimalist living room is an interior design arrangement with minimum furniture and décors. Going minimal, however, doesn’t limit your furnishing and storage needs. You can fulfill both these requirements by adding a dash of creativity to your choice of furniture. You can place books, seating, gadgets, paintings, indoor plants or anything for that matter, which you think should be a part of your living room but, they should be arranged aesthetically without consuming much place. Read on to know all about minimalistic living room design and go about making more space for yourself in the room.

Modern Living Room Ideas

Color Scheme
The choice of color depends upon your taste, but as a standard, subtle colors are preferred for minimalist interiors. With minimal stress to the eyes and the calming effect, earthy colors like tans, browns and greens are most preferred colors for the interior walls. However, there is no hard and fast rule about the choice of palette.

To complement other interior selection, flooring too should be kept simple. Opt for simple designs and patterns preferably in white rather than going for something like ornate or checkered. Select materials depending upon your budget. Some of the choicest flooring options in this case are ceramic tiles, laminated flooring, etc.

Decorations are not a must in minimalist living rooms, yet you can opt for one or two simple wall decors, but stop yourself to that. A small potted plant or an elegant vase of flowers could help create a classy look. To accentuate the décor, you can choose something in bright, bold hues.

Right kind of lighting could add more elegance to your interiors while a wrong choice could spoil it. First of all, ensure that your living room gets enough natural light. Moving on to the lighting, you may use different light fixtures like a wall sconce in your living room to focus its lighting upwards. You may also use lampshades to complement the look and color scheme of the room. It is advisable to use dramatic home lighting in the living room to achieve brighter look. Lamp bases made of plain ceramic, wrought iron or spare brass designs can add extra-elements of vibrancy to your indoors. Indirect lighting could create a perfect modern ambiance for your interiors.

Elegance and comfort are the two important things to be considered when buying any piece of furniture. Plus, they should essentially be unique, preferably in simple geometric shapes.

Seating Options: You have two main seating options – sofa and armchairs. Opting for either depends upon your convenience. Sofa has more seating capacity whereas chairs have less room. Whatever you choose, try to go for contemporary designs. Leather sofas are perfect fit for modern interiors. Reclining sofa and sectional sofas are increasingly becoming popular in modern indoors. Aesthetically pleasing traditional wooden or fabric sofas are also acceptable. Armchair is also a good option but it accommodates only one person at a time. In that case, you may need to add extra chairs for more seating requirements, which would take off the concept of minimalist interiors.

Coffee Table: Coffee table, an inseparable part of every living room, has undergone major pattern-changes to fit into modern minimalist interiors. They have evolved and become elegant and stylish enough to fit in any well-designed interiors. Apart from holding drinks and small eatables, you can also use your stylish and sleek coffee table to store newspapers and magazines at the bottom.

Corner Units/Shelves: Corner units and shelves are useful furniture that provides ample storage space. Contemporary designs make it apt to be included in your minimalist living rooms. You are free to experiment with various sizes, shapes and materials. It is best to list out the things you need to keep in cabins and customize it accordingly. This will eliminate any ambiguity regarding its usage. Invisible bookshelves are also getting increasingly popular.


    • Don’t misapprehend the term minimalistic and just leave your living room plain. You should keep one or two elegant curios and decors to grab the eyes so that your room doesn’t look lifeless. Minimalistic design implies minimum furniture, not absence of furniture. Also, do not overdo things. One or two décor pieces are more than enough.
    • Windows and window curtains should be kept simple. Heavy print fabrics should not be allowed inside. Simple window treatment with bar/ soft print curtains is acceptable.
    • Create sufficient storage spaces to avoid future clutter. Make sure you have enough cabinets, drawers, shelves to keep your stuff organized.

After going through the write-up, you might have developed a complete idea about minimalist living room. Beyond doubt, it is the perfect interior pattern to enjoy comfy and classy living room.