Mediterranean Bedroom Décor


meditteranean bedroom decor

Bedrooms are personal spaces meant essentially for respite and leisure, where you can part away with all your anxiety and day’s work! Thus, it is very crucial that your bedroom is decked in such a way that helps you to unwind yourself and relate to every aspect of it. There are various styles and expressions in which you can adorn your sweet dwelling. One of them is the Mediterranean style, which is inspired by the Mediterranean nations such as Spain, Turkey, Italy, France and areas of Northern Africa. Just by adding some typical architectural elements of the Mediterranean regions, you can give an authentic Mediterranean look to your bedroom. Such as texturing the walls with terracotta, mustard, olive green, rust color or adding tiles to ornament your wall mirror or placing tall and heavy furniture in your bedroom can easily give a Mediterranean style of décor! Not a very popular style though, Mediterranean decor provides a very warm and cozy feel to your bedroom! Below are some great ideas for an elegant Mediterranean bedroom décor.

Mediterranean Bedroom Décor Ideas

Color Scheme
Color palette for a Mediterranean style of bedroom may consist of warm or cool colors or a blending of both. As Mediterranean style is derived from Coastal European countries like Spain, Italy, France and Greece, Mediterranean décor makes use of colors that reflect sea, earth or a stunning combination of both! Give a Tuscan or Greek village feel by adding warm shades of earth indoors such as mustard, tan, bright red, dark shades of orange, yellow, amber and terra cotta and extract cool colors such as sea green, deep blue, white and sky blue from the crystal clear beaches and outdoors. You can even glance through the pictures of Mediterranean regions to create your own dynamic color palette.

Wall Treatments
In a Mediterranean décor, select one wall as the focal point in your bedroom. It could be wall that the bed is positioned against or any other wall you choose. Textured walls immediately give a Mediterranean look to your bedroom and are very popular in Mediterranean coastal areas. They exhibit a raw, countryside look making your room visually delightful! Texture paints is the easiest option for texturing your bedroom walls. Apply texture paints on your bare walls to reproduce the look of stucco or Venetian plaster. Again, the color scheme for walls could be your own tailor-made shades or hues similar to earth and seas. Other alternatives for Mediterranean walls are applying plaster or stone to the walls to give a rocking appearance.

Mediterranean style of décor is represented by tall and heavy furniture made of dark, rustic wood or iron. Bulky wooden furniture can be complemented by glass tops and wrought-iron legs to give a feel of “old world”! You just need to modify your furniture from modern to a more of a rustic style. To make the Mediterranean style more appreciable in your bedroom, create focal points for the furnishings too. Add a simple platform or poster bed made of dark wood to your bedroom to give a perfect look. A huge wrought iron bed with floral patterns can be accompanied by other supplementary furnishings such as nightstands, tables, armoire or desks made of solid dark wood.

Fabrics and textiles selected for your bedroom should have the tints and hues of Mediterranean regions such as brick red, mustard, orange, rust and that of Mediterranean seas such as bright blue, deep blue, sea green. The bedcovers, linens and blankets all should have Mediterranean patterns on them to give intensity and vigor to your bedroom. Bold floral and vine patterns on light fabrics are a delight for a Mediterranean lover! Light colored beddings with bright colorful pillows and cushions give a warm and cozy feeling. Even the table clothes, wall tapestries, draperies, comforters and throw pillows should be of bright colors to mellow down the hardness of tall heavy furniture present in the bedroom.

Place artificial or real plants pertaining to the Mediterranean regions such as wallflower, vines, palms, or catmint in the corners of your bedroom. Complement your bedroom with a bright colored ottoman or a marbleized wooden table or Portuguese painted chairs or a wooden cabinet. Place a beautifully woven carpet near your bed that should contrast with the color of the floor. Accessories like table lamp or candle holders made of wrought iron and attractive wall sconces can add beauty to the Mediterranean theme. You may also embellish your wall mirror with a tiled frame or just create a tile headboard for your bed to give a true Mediterranean feel!

Paintings, pictures or any other artwork displayed in your bedroom should also provide a Mediterranean feel. You can use images of the Mediterranean beaches, Tuscan villages, old clay pots and picturesque flower-filled terraces. Select pictures that effortlessly blend with your color scheme. Mediterranean-style of art also includes ceramic and earthenware vases filled with dried grasses or reeds on the nightstand. Even the photo frames can be made of wrought-iron pieces. To bring nature into your room hang live green plants on walls, windows or doors.

To conclude, despite of being a very warm and classy décor, few people are aware and opt for Mediterranean style to revamp their bedrooms. Through this article, we have tried to explain how your regular bedroom can be converted into a genuine Mediterranean style. You just need to draw the colors and textures of Mediterranean regions into your personal space!