Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room

living room decorating ideas

The living room is the best room of your house that sees the maximum amount of activity. Plus, this main room of your home is the most preferred place for entertaining guests or just lounging around with family and friends. This is why it is essential to put in extra effort into decorating this room to create an environment that is resplendent with the love and warmth you want to extend to your visitors. The living room is aptly named as you practically live in this room. Since you spend a lot of time in this room, make sure that the décor and style reflect your style. Select a décor keeping in mind the house setting. A contemporary apartment with a cottage style décor is not only a big no-no, but is also unharmonious to look at. Here are a few living room design ideas that will inspire you. Take a look.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

De-Clutter And Storage

The first step towards decorating your living room is to create a space for decoration. When your room is already filled with wanted and unwanted stuff, you won’t get an idea on the right décor accessories that are needed. Start by clearing out old newspapers, magazines and other papers. If you have kids, it is likely that there will be toys scattered around. Make sure you have a bag or box to keep the toys in the kids’ room. Arrange your furniture in such a way that there is ample space to move even when someone is seated on the sofa.

Focal Point
Now that the clutter is gone and the space is arranged, take a step back and analyze the empty spaces in the room. See where your eyes drift to in the room — this is your focal point. Now think if the existing focal point needs to be changed. More often than not, in a living room, the focal point is the television unit. You can use accessories to create a bigger diversion from the television to create an area for conversation. Your aim is to grab attention at the focal point and then navigate the eyes smoothly across the room.

How To Decorate Your Living Room
The living room is vast space in your house that can create first impressions about your personality on the person entering your home. Take time to think about what and how it should reflect. There are various decorating ideas that you can choose from to style your living room.

Color Themes

    • You can either style your whole home in similar shades of color or use one color theme for each room of the house. You can go monochromatic with a single color and its varying shades or create unique color combinations with two or three colors.
    • Bounty blue theme can create layers of pale blue tones to create a cool and serene environment. You can experiment by contrasting blue with white to add a touch of contemporary feel.
    • Classic cream palette is the best option for your traditional looking home décor. Pair cream with other neutral shades like brown, beige and yellow to style an elegant and sophisticated look.
    • Dark and deep is theme that can create magic in any living room. Get hold of dark wood furniture and add rich textures of silk and satin fabrics. The luxurious look can be saturated with accessories in shades of dark gray, purple and rich reds.
    • Royal romantic theme with bright shades of pink, red, and brown can create comfort and resonate romance in a subtle way. Style with formal sofa and ottoman, an elegant candle chandelier, and exquisite art pieces on the walls.
    • Breezy bright is just what you need to brighten up the mood with bright colors like yellow, turquoise, jade green and white. To give it a modern twist, select fabrics in geometric shapes and eclectic furniture pieces instead of the traditional sofa sets.

Décor Styles

    • If color themes are too simple for your taste, then you can always decorate the living room in pleasing décor themes. You can choose to bring a bit of 18th century French country in to your living room or recreate the minimalistic designs of a modern living room. Decide on the décor style that complements your style as well as the setting of the house.
    • Modern/contemporary décor will incorporate a lot of clean lines and patterns that use minimalistic design style. Modern décor does not use accessories just for beauty’s sake, it will also serve a utilitarian function.
    • Natural/earthy style décor is meant for people who want to bring in their love for nature inside their living room. Add beautiful potted plants and flowers and create a fresh color scheme with paints, furniture’s and accessories.
    • Country/cottage is a timeless and elegant style that suits most of the house settings. The environment is relax and creates nostalgia with natural simplicity of antique items. The prominent colors are red, white and blue that are mixed with earthy tones of brown furniture. You can also style it with little difference to create rustic, traditional, colonial, or Victorian.
    • An Asian decorating style gives a wide choice of styles from the Zen like calmness of Japanese décor to the colorful craziness of Indian style. Just match your personality with the atmosphere you want to create in your living room and decorate away!
    • Shabby chic/vintage is similar to retro style where the fabrics and textures are very important. Add lot of cushions and use patterned fabrics as drapes or curtains. If you can make space for a fireplace add Victorian accents on the mantel. Install wrought iron wall scones and replace coffee tables with your grandparent’s wooden chest for added drama.

Living room decoration is an exciting activity if you have planned and researched about all your options. The important aspect is to let your creativity do the decorating to add a touch of you in your living room. Creating your own eclectic mix of styles can transform your family room into a cozy retreat. You can also spice up the décor by adding color, fabrics or a few accessories if your budget doesn’t allow a total revamp. Just draw inspiration from the space around you.