Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas


Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

There is no gainsaying the fact that kitchen is one of the most important areas of a house. Hence, the design and elegance of the kitchen décor holds a great significance. It is beyond the scope of dubiety that wall décor has a profound influence on your appetite as well as on your cooking craftsmanship. As in modern homes, the kitchens are no longer walled-off rooms, but encompass the dining area as well. Therefore, the room has to be extremely inviting and has to have a pleasing décor so as to encourage you to whip up gourmet dishes as well as savor delicacies. Hence, it becomes essential to design your kitchen ‘with kid gloves’. The walls offer you the maximum liberties to quench your creative aspirations while decorating your kitchen. So, if you have been browsing to get some feasible and inexpensive ideas for decorating your kitchen walls, this is your destination. Read on to learn some elegant kitchen wall décor ideas.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

    • One of the finest and the most popular ideas for decorating kitchen wall is to hang colorful plates on the kitchen wall. These are quite inexpensive as compared to prints and can impart resplendence to the entire decor. Hang the colorful plates on fancy wrought iron hanger. For kitchens with themes, you can get plates that co-ordinate with the interiors. However, themes that come with group plates with birds or cats on them, will contribute immensely towards the elegance of your kitchen décor.
    • One more spectacular idea is to decorate your kitchen walls with your family photos. But it is important to ensure that photo frames synchronize perfectly with your kitchen décor. Take the liberty to flaunt them on your kitchen wall in whatever pattern you wish.
    • You can also go for saporous wall art design for the kitchen walls to spice things up. There is a great potpourri of designs available for you to pick from, such as tropical wall decor, nautical wall designs, sports wall decor, leaf metal wall art, abstract wall art and many more. But always bear in mind that whatever you hang in your kitchen is related to food in some way, or else keep it neutral, so that it doesn’t appear inapposite.
    • Another great option is to mount a metal pan rack on the wall and put your sleek and expensive cookware on display, rather than hiding them in the closets. This will also be an inexpensive décor option, as you have to spend money on buying the metal rack only. Flaunt a new set of pots and pans in the rack.
    • To add your own creative touch, you can also paint an interesting design of your choice on the kitchen wall. First buy or create stencil cutouts in different shapes or designs according to your own preferences. Then cut a kitchen sponge into half. Now dip the cut sponge in the thinned acrylic paint. Hold the stencil on the wall and dab the sponge on the opening. You can also make a border near the top of the wall and do many such artistic experiments.
    • You can also use decorative accessories to jazz up your wall. There are simple accessories which are both functional and elegant. You may also go for some decorative moldings which will also pep up the kitchen decor. You can find moldings in wide varieties and finishes. Make sure that they blend in with the cabinets and rest of the kitchen décor.
    • Wallpaper borders are also one of the finest yet inexpensive ways to decorate kitchen walls. One more important feature of this décor idea is that neither does it consume a lot of time nor does it necessitate great skill to put up. You can even incorporate it with any of the above mentioned kitchen wall decorating ideas for some added zest. However, it is advisable to cover only the main wall and leave the rest of the portions of the wall uncovered, as it would create a main focal point for the entire kitchen area. Light colored wallpapers should be preferred over the dark colored ones as it will make your kitchen look spacious and bright. The wallpapers are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes. Figure out what you need in advance so that you do not have to go poking around through the bargain bin at the store.
    • A country kitchen wall décor incorporates checkers and farm animal imagery. Buy some towels and pot holders featuring geese, cows, chickens and also the kitchen cat. Place a shelf on the wall and place a country collection of animal cookie jars on the shelf. Now use some laces or a black and white checkered ribbons to edge the shelf. You can also have cast iron pots, utensils and bake ware hanging on the country kitchen wall.

Make sure that everything you use is subtle yet classy. The kitchen wall décor is the simplest of art which hardly entails any labor. Avoid overdoing the kitchen wall décor; keep the unique and bold parts equally emphasized so that they become eye-catching without making the kitchen wall appear too cluttered.