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Kitchen décor themes exist to make your kitchen look stylish and functional, at the same time making it relaxing to work at. Previously, kitchens were walled-off rooms tucked away in one corner of the house. However, with the arrival of modern home layouts, revolutionary designs and the rising trend of modular kitchen, today they have become the focal attraction in most homes. Your kitchen plus dining room is the heart of the home where your family and guest gather, feast and spend some delightful moments while savoring luscious food and drink. So, it only makes sense that you deck it up tastefully. Also, having a stylish kitchen would just cut the drab from cooking and make the entire deal a fun endeavor. What’s more, with a theme for your kitchen, you can incorporate various styles, colors and details to suit your taste and functionality. Whether you are bored with the same old look of your kitchen and wish to upgrade it or just making a new one, here is your deal. You can choose from a plethora of themes to do up your kitchen. Here are some of the best kitchen theme ideas to help you get started.

Kitchen Décor Ideas

Mixed Fruit Theme
To make your kitchen more bright, nice and inviting with vivid colors, you may opt for the mixed fruit theme. Paint the walls in shades of pink, orange or yellow. To add to the finesse of the mixed-fruit decor, you can use wedge-shaped ‘mixed fruit’ tablemats for your dining table. For further embellishments place mixed fruit plates and bowls on open cupboards. You can fetch all the requisite accessories for the mixed fruit theme from sales outlets and online stores. Ceramic flooring goes well with this particular theme.

Rooster Themes
If you go for a rooster theme, you have plenty of colors to choose from like green, red, brown, blue or yellow for the theme. Substitute the inner panels of the cabinet doors with chicken wire, fastened inside each door. Induct peg rack between the upper cabinets and the countertop, on one of the walls. You can also flaunt the rooster-themed plates and bowls on the racks. In order to adorn and accentuate the overall appearance, you must use the theme-based items like dishes, placemats, canisters and pictures. To further notch up the decoration, make sure that you use a tablecloth with rooster print.

French Country Theme
French country theme is also an interesting way to decorate your kitchen. It is sort of a casual decoration and is perfect for any kitchen. As far as wall colors go, you may pick from red and yellow hues, apart from burgundy or buttery mustard yellow colors. Store the pots and pans in wrought iron ceiling racks. The ceramic tiles are the most preferred flooring option for this theme. You may also go for tiles for the countertops. However, you may also pick from some regional kitchen themes. For instance, an old English-themed kitchen comprises of delicate floral patterns on window treatments and tea towels, and also some lavish dark wood furnishings. A Tuscan-themed kitchen would benefit from earthy tones enhanced by brilliant yellows and oranges.

1940’s Retro Theme
For those who have a special yearning for retro delicacies and covet a retro theme can opt for popular 1940’s retro theme. Jadeite, red and white were the pre-dominant colors of the era. For decoration, you can exhibit jadeite color dishware by placing them on open cabinets or use some red vintage kitchenware for an enhanced retro-feel. For an animated look, place pink-colored retro print tablecloth. Pep up the windows with vintage curtains. Finally, before you wind up the decorations, install vintage ceiling lights and wall sconces.

The Mexican Look
You can impart a rustic Mexican look to your kitchen as well. There is talavera ceramic tiles that can be used to create the impression of Mexican flooring. You may use items like candleholders and vases for adornments. To create a more rustic impression, you may hang clusters of chili peppers from the walls or the ceiling. Display colorful Mexican plates and cups in open cupboards to enhance the appeal. As a finishing touch, use bright pottery and Mexican souvenirs.

Modern And Green
Modern kitchens look clean and sophisticated. The look is minimal, but elegant. If you adopt the modern kitchen theme, you will have the liberty to leave the decor bare and industrial, or you may opt for embellishments by adding touches of Asian-inspired or other nominal decor. Stainless steel, stone and other natural materials are important design elements in modern and green kitchens. Generally, the colors are minimal but saturated, with more emphasis laid on textures and interesting lines. For further adornments, you may go for an industrial-inspired stainless steel faucet, modern chandeliers and pendant lights, and nubby, organic fabric for your kitchen window curtains.

Armed with the above kitchen theme décor ideas, you can transform your boring cooking space into a fun work area. Just pick any style that suits you well and get revamping.