Kitchen Countertops Options


kitchen countertop options

Kitchen countertop is a surface area in kitchen where you prepare your food. A countertop can be designed interestingly and carved to set up drain board, stove, sink, ranges, and cooking top. A beautiful kitchen countertop is every homemaker’s dream. Kitchen is one place where a homemaker spends significant hour of her time preparing meal for her children and family members. Naturally, a homemaker would want her kitchen to be equipped with nice kitchen countertop of her choice and taste. There are many kitchen counter options such as marble, granite, solid surface, engineered stone, stainless steel, wood or butcher block, ceramic tile, laminate, concrete and soapstone. A kitchen countertop can be designed in various ways from prosaic to elaborate details. So, you need to do a little bit of research on kitchen countertops options to give a stylish look to your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops Options Ideas

Granite Kitchen Countertop
Granite stone is one of the countertop options for your kitchen. Granite countertop comes in 3000 odd colors, is scratch-, heat- ,and water- resistant, durable, easy to maintain, and brings elegance to your kitchen. However, granite countertop is relatively expensive though with more number of buyers opting for granite, there is likelihood of prices coming down and granite becoming affordable countertops for the users. Granite countertop demands special tools and material for its installation in the kitchen. Once installed in the kitchen, granite countertop is difficult to repair in the event of damage.

Marble Kitchen Countertop
Marble countertop is the one if you want to give a luxurious look to your kitchen. This polished natural stone makes beautiful shiny surface, is highly durable, and heat resistant. Marble countertop is high on maintenance and very costly although lower quality marble can be purchased at a cheaper rate.

Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertop
Engineered stone is made up of 93% quartz particles and 5% polymer resins. Available in a wide range of colors including pastels, engineered stone is easy to maintain, scratch resistant and flexible. Engineered stone kitchen countertop is costly and also requires professional service for its installation.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertop
Ceramic tile countertop is functional, easy to clean and can withstand hot pans. It is available in affordable price and cheaper than marble and granite countertops. Although ceramic tile score higher than laminate and solid countertops on durability value, its surface is generally uneven and vulnerable to cracks and grout lines frequently being stained.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop
This kind of countertop can be custom made according to your specifications and requirement. It comes in variety of colors and patterns. Versatile, seamless, stain resistant, and low on maintenance, solid surface countertop is very popular among the buyers. Additionally it can be easily repaired. However, solid surface countertop is vulnerable to hot pans and stains on them can damage its surface.

Butcher Block Or Wood Kitchen Countertop
Wood countertop has warm and appealing look. Generally, maple and oak wood materials are used for this kind of countertop. Easy to clean and install, it is an eco-friendly option for your kitchen. However, wood countertop is less durable and prone to damage by moisture, heat, cold and demands regular maintenance such as sanding, buffing, and cleaning with mineral oil.

Laminate Kitchen Countertop
Laminate countertop is made of plastic-coated synthetics. It is easy to clean and has smooth surface. Laminate countertop is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. The best part of laminate countertop is its economical price. However, laminate countertops score low on durability value and are prone to cracks.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertop
Soapstone is made of dolomite, talc, magnetite, and chlorite. Heavy content of talc in its element makes it soft with soap-like texture. Soapstone, dark gray in color, has been used for ages now and is still being used as sink and countertop material in modern homes. This type of countertop demands regular maintenance.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop
Stainless steel countertop is a good option if you want to give a modern, sleek and contemporary look to your kitchen. This type of countertop is durable, crack- and heat- resistant. However, stainless steel countertop is costly and creates noise while using it.

Concrete Kitchen Countertop
If you are looking for something visually appealing, concrete countertop is the one for you. It can be color tinted and is durable, strong, scratch-, and heat- resistant. However, concrete countertop is costly and porous.

With a wide range of kitchen countertop options to choose from, you can pick the most suitable one for your kitchen. Personalize your kitchen countertop with your own pattern and motifs and flaunt a chic and beautiful kitchen that would be the envy of your neighborhood.