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Kitchen Color Ideas

Unlike the other areas in the house, people pay the least attention to their kitchen décor. However, the fact is that, people spend considerable time in their kitchen preparing delightful delicacies and hence, a kitchen unnoticeably plays a significant role. Therefore, the color scheme of the kitchen has to commensurate with the importance it bears in one’s life. Just any color won’t do—one should opt for colors that are particularly invigorating and stimulating to the appetite. People flustered with monotony of décor and those wishing to avoid commonalities, are incorporating innovative ideas to give their kitchen a desired look. As far as colors are concerned, there is a plump gamut for you to choose from. But the idea should always be to use uplifting colors, which efficiently transfuses a pleasant ambience into your kitchen. Explore the article for some great painting ideas for kitchen, so that you feel energized to cook and eat.

Painting Ideas For Kitchen

Red has always been one of the hot favorites among all kitchen color options. One of the key features of this color is that it is known to stimulate one’s appetite. It offers warm and radiant attire without being overbearing and lends an instant wow factor to your kitchen décor. If you fancy a contemporary look then you can blend it with color such as black, gray or white. However, for a rustic appeal, better combine it with wooden cabinet.

The best thing about green is that it makes your kitchen look refreshing. However, if you find green overwhelming, go for green backsplash and combine it with simple wooden, black or white cabinetry. It tones down the look and makes a more somber statement. Green mosaic looks dazzling. Yet if you wish, you can tone it down for a simpler look. If your fancies know no limit, you may even go for those lime green cabinets in your kitchen, and combine them with white or a darker green for a lustrous appearance.

Orange is also known for its appetite stimulant features. Even though this color is more popularly combined with white and black, yet goes well with other colors as well. For instance, you could go for a yellow and orange combination or an orange and blue combination for a more resplendent and charming manifestation. However, if you do not wish to use orange flatly, try wooden finishes that have an orange color. One more option you have is that you can place orange shelves in a completely black and white kitchen to get a beautiful spark of color without being too overpowering.

Yellow is vibrant and warm and is a classic color for kitchen with plenty of sunlight. If you feel yellow to be too bright, then combine it with neutral gray or even lime green. It makes your kitchen radiant, yet homey. One important characteristic of yellow is that it reflects a lot of light and keeps the kitchen looking bright. While you pick yellow to jazz up your kitchen décor, ensure that the overlooking areas are neutral. Too much color might sabotage the entire décor. So be careful when using such bright colors. Yellow goes well with many other colors and can fit the elements of your décor.

In modern times, interior décor seems to be too transient, fickle, and rife with frivolous décor ideas. Even in such capricious times, the look of color has hardly lost its popularity or vitality. Black is known to bring an unmatched elegance and refinement to any décor. But if it seems too bright and gaudy, better combine it with white, gray, or a dash of red. Even a dash of orange will be quite efficacious in breaking monotony of black. But it is crucial to make sure that the kitchen with black color gets its fair share of natural light. You don’t want to end up with a dingy kitchen. It is also true that black is more suitable to spacious kitchens. So if you have made up your mind to go for it, use it in smaller amounts in a kitchen tight on space so that you don’t feel too cramped when working in there. Black also offers the luxury of creating a rustic kitchen as well as a sleek, modern kitchen.

Last but not the least, white offers a fine coloring option for your kitchen with few windows or where windows are eclipsed by trees or foliate. It is bright, elegant and imparts a modern feel that accompanies stainless steel appliances well. Sometimes it might even look too blunt. So it is better to offset it with warm wood where possible, to soften the impact.

These are some of the most popular and apt color ideas for your kitchen. Choose any of the above-mentioned colors out of your own volition and get a vibrant and charming looking kitchen that you always dreamt of.