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ideas for home storage

Are you one of those people who feel that there is never enough space to store all your items? If so, then for sure your house must look like a junkyard full of clutter. However, things don’t have to be this bad for you. Planning and storing all your stuff in properly allotted storage spaces can bring out the much-needed space in your home. Even though it is best to think about home storage when you build the house, it is still not late. Creating home storage space can be very useful and can be done any time. The first big step is to step back, look at the accumulated clutter, and get rid of the items that are not required. You will realize that you have already cleared much space. Now this activity can be done in small portions over a few days or you can take up this project on a weekend. Start by categorizing your stuff to be stored into various rooms like things to go in bedroom, bathroom, dining and children’s room, etc. Once that is done, just use the following ideas to create the most innovative home storage space for your home.

Storage Ideas For Your Home

Living Room
This one room can make or break the entire impression. Hence, it’s important to keep it clutter-free. One of the best storage ideas is to build a wall of shelves at the far end of the room. Install open shelves and closed cabinets in the wall. Use magazine organizers, baskets, and boxes to make storage space for your books, periodicals, stationeries and crafts, office supplies, etc. The shelf can also be used to hold your photo frames and proudly display your cups and trophies. Use the bottom cabinets to store extra cushions and other furnishings of the living room. The low-lying overhead storage space above the shelf can be used as extra sitting-space for the guests.

After a long day at work, the last thing you would want to do is to return to a bedroom that looks less of a cozy haven and more of a disheveled shack. Organize all your bedroom upholstery inside your bed box. Wrap them in clear plastic sheets to prevent them from spoiling. If space permits, build a walk in closet where you can adjust all your things, leaving more space for the bed. You can also buy an open storage bedside shelf to neatly store your reading materials, night lamp, alarm clock, flower vase, photo frames and a small box of medicines.

A lot of space can be cleared up in your kitchen by hanging as many items as you can. Install a pot rack for hanging big pots and pans on the wall. This will give you more space in your cabinets to store other items. Make use of over-the-door wire organizer to store smaller bottles, cleaning items and other frequently used items. Build a shallow drawer at the toe kick of the cabinets and use them to store ‘not so used’ items. Add more shelves to the kitchen, even if they reach the ceiling. Place the items in order of “least use” to “most use”. For self-sufficiency, just buy a kitchen ladder so that you can reach the top shelves when needed.

Rather than using a flat mirror, use a mirror that has storage units behind them. They are handy to store medicines and first aid kits. Place a coat rack in the bathroom, as the slender design will hold more towels than a rod. Buy tiered or linear storage shelves that are vertical and have layers to keep your toiletries. You can also use the back door of bathroom by installing removable bins and towel bars to store extra towels, shampoo, and soap. Use the corners to the maximum by placing tall pot racks for storing items. Also, install shallow drawers under your sink to store toilet-cleaning items. Wall-mount storage that are installed a little high on the wall can be used to store towels and linens.

Kid’s Room
If your kid’s bed doesnot have a bed box, use the space to store all the toys in colorful bins under the bed. You can also use your old suitcases to store them. Create shelves at varying heights in the room. Place important items in low shelf where your child can reach out easily. Buy a few cute baby cabinets to store your child’s clothes. This will allow enough room for storing their books, clocks, night lamps and water bottles. Hang pocket organizers behind doors, walls and wherever possible as most of children items are small and can be put into these pockets.

Dining Room
A dining room is incomplete without a china cabinet. However, it’s best to invest in a tall cabinet rather than a few small ones. Just buy a small stool to reach the higher cabinets. Built-in storage shelves can hold your crockery as well as display your books and other personal items. If your kitchen and dining room shares a wall, cut into it to create storage shelves to place extra dining table accessories. Also, if you can, knock down the wall to build a dining room storage unit that will hold almost everything from crockery to books to your salt and pepper shakers.

Creating space for storage in your home is essential to keep the sanity and sanctity of your home intact and to make the place pleasant to live in. It is advisable to invest a little more while you build your house to incorporate modular designs in every room of your home. This will help in storage of items once you hoard the things. However, you can build simple home storage solutions by adding few storage utilities too.