How To Texture Walls

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how to texture walls

Texturing your home walls can turn your room from drab to dynamic, add dimension to your space and lend an interesting edge to the entire décor. From beautiful curves to rough-hewn edges to tweedy fabric — there are myriad ways to add textural interest to your walls. The textural changes can be either subtle or something dramatically bold. Whatever style you choose, texturing is one great way to make people stand up and notice your walls. It’s all up to you as to which walls you want to select and highlight. Texturing not only ‘plays up’ the walls, but also helps in hiding the flaws that might have occurred due to a bad taping job. There is no set way of texturing the walls; you can go for a basic wall texture, wallpapers, leather finishes and anything interesting that catches your fancy. Few ideas compiled below should help you get started. Scroll down the write-up and add some interesting planes to your home.

Wall Texturing
Wall texturing is an art on its own, and to have a well-textured wall raises the standards of the interiors of your homes. Go through some of the interesting wall texturing ideas below.

Basic Wall Texture
Whether you wish to transform your wall into a showpiece or create inviting interiors for your home, you can make dramatic changes in your décor with the basic wall texture method. In this case, the texture is created by mixing perlite additive with a textured compound. The additive is usually available in fine, medium or coarse grain. You can create the textural interests by using the tried-and-tested orange peel method where an air-pressurized gun is used to create the effect. Apart from that, you also have other methods like acoustic texture and knockdown texture that will help you jazz up your walls the way you want. The acoustic mixture stands out quite well and looks like popcorn while the knockdown texture gives more pronounced tactile impression. You can choose from trowel swirl texture, mud swirl texture and even stomp brush texture to ramp up your plane walls from mundane to magnificent.

Going Bold
If you wish to make a bold statement with your walls, then you can go for the textured wall panels, which are sold in sheets. They come in a number of embossed designs and in a plethora of colors. These embossed panels, which are ready to fix, are usually preferred in white as too much design and too much color can be quite disturbing. All you have to do is to purchase the ready work and fix them for a wonderful wall texture.

Creating Illusion Of Texture
Faux finishing can be created with paint and glaze. It often yields subdued effect that goes well with any furnishing and interior. This faux finish can be teamed up with a number of hues and textures. Depending on the color and application procedure, a unique faux finish wall can be created according to your liking. A faux finish painted wall can have a marbleized, wooden, granular, white wash or ragged appearance. It all depends on your imagination to create this subtle wall finish.

Artwork Walls
If you are a lover of art, then you can decorate the interior walls with some paintings and murals, and trompe l’oeil. Trompe l’oeil is a technique, which creates a very realistic illusion. Having such antique and artistic work on the walls creates a very deep, royal and artistic impression. This kind of wall texture is great for living rooms and boudoirs with British themed décor.

Dressed Up Look
A more “dressed up” fancy finish on the wall using leather or cracked leather finish can change the look and feel of your room entirely. This look works well for the library or den. A gemstone finish wall with jewel tone or metallic paint that shimmers when light falls on it looks absolutely stunning. A marble or stone look can be created on the walls with a number of colors and patterns. You can even have one of the walls of the house constructed with stones instead of bricks for a more interesting cover up.

Wall Papers
Looking to beautify your walls in the easiest possible way? Then you can go for wallpapers instead. Wallpapers are available in a number of designs and colors. You just have to paste them neatly to jazz up your walls. You can also opt for embossed wallpapers for added effect.

Whether it is the interiors of your house or the exteriors, a textured wall adds a lot of effect to the home and pleases the visual senses too. Those who appreciate elegance and some fine decoration will surely appreciate the different walls of your home. So go ahead and make your walls speak for themselves with these sassy, stylish textured wall ideas.