How To Decorate Family Room

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How To Decorate Family Room

Reading a book, watching a movie, taking a nap, playing games, listening to music, relaxing or enjoying a few minutes of togetherness with your loved ones, all are activities that find their way into a family room. Considered by many as one of the most ‘used’ rooms in a house, the décor of a family room demands proper thought and attention. A family room is a comfort zone which must be decorated to incorporate entertainment options for the entire family, ample seating space and lavish storage space as well. However, the question that flickers in everyone’s mind is ‘where to begin?’ As an initial step, you can find a design which caters to the requirements of each and every family member. From kids’ art works to inherited antiques, photos and other art collections which convey the story of your family, a family room must have space for everything. Placing utility furniture as well as hanging memorable family trip photos, there are many ways to make a family room look arranged yet real and cosy. Here are a few ideas to make your family room something you can be proud of.

Ensure Comfortable Seating
While choosing furniture for a family room, ensure that all the sofas, chairs and sectionals you choose, ensure comfortable seating while reading, lounging or viewing. The sofas must be deep and wide enough to allow for comfortable naps and sturdy enough to survive wear and tear..

Choose Furniture Which Fits The Room
Make sure you select only that furniture which fits into the room accurately. It is better to choose a large-sized furniture if your room is oversized or has a cathedral ceiling. If it is a big room, you can go for sofas which are 72-78 inches wide, but if it is a small room then using smart furniture, which fits into corners and makes a room look big, would be a wise option.

Consider Flexible Sectional Sofas
Purchasing sectional sofas with varied components creates a spacious seating arrangement which suits the shape and size of the room. Sectional sofas help in accommodating more people into a tighter space. The L-shape sofas are a good option as they make use of each and every corner.

Let The Furniture Vary In Scale And Weight
Ensure your family room varies in the scale and size of furniture used. Having big, medium as well as small chairs, along with ottomans and benches, creates a perfect and comfortable seating arrangement. Ensure that you include firm seated chairs, cushier chairs and reading chairs to make the room suitable for all types of family gatherings. Including furniture with variety makes the room look more appealing.

Must Have Furniture
Ottomans, bean bags, coffee tables and even small bed-tables are the must have furniture pieces for any family room. While ottomans provide for your legs, bean bags make lounging and relaxing very easy for all family members. Similarly, coffee tables make snacking in the room a lot less messy while study tables let kids do their craftwork easily.


Fabrics: While choosing fabric for pillows, window treatments, accessories and skirted tables, go colourful and pick something that even your little ones can enjoy. There is no better way to invite your kids in the room than opting for vivid and vibrant colours.
Comforting Lumbar Pillow: You can go for a lumbar pillow which comes in different sizes and shapes. It supports your back while you read. Smaller pillows can be tucked under the elbows while larger pillows are best for naps. Your kids would love you if you also buy a floor pillow to lounge on the carpet as well.
Stylish Walls: Paint one wall in bold colours to make it an accent wall. This gives an impression of a bigger room as well as gives the room an elegant look. If you are painting the accent wall in bold colours, it would be better to avoid giving dark colours to others. You can try bright colours, such as, sea blue, yellow and pink.
Use Limited Accessories: Use limited accessories that fit into the room’s theme and don’t go overboard. By adding too many accessories, you create a messy feeling. Stay specific and be wise while choosing accessories as less is always better in this case.

Allow Sunlight To Enter The Room
Allow as much sunlight as possible to enter the room as natural sunlight creates an impression of having a brighter and bigger room. By avoiding unnecessary window treatments, you can make the decor very simple by using a pair of curtains and blinds. Placing a mirror in the wall such that it reflects natural light can make the room look even bigger.

Wall Decor
While decorating the family room, you can hang pictures of your family members to the wall. Beautiful images in black and white can add a very vintage touch to your room. You can even hang some of your kids’ crafts or even simpler things like flea-market wall hangings etc.

Using the above methods with a bit of creativity, you can decorate your family room in a simple yet appealing manner.