How To Decorate A Mantel

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how to decorate mantle

Transform your mantel into a truly wow-worthy centerpiece with an elegant makeover. A mantel is the biggest focal point in any room and hence, should be done tastefully. Decorating a mantel can be challenging as many questions like what to adorn with, how to adorn, how much to adorn, etc. can easily creep into one’s mind. One good way to go about it is with the ‘three plus one” technique. For the three part of the equation, select three similar objects, need not to be the same size, but shouldn’t vary from too much either. They should match the colors and style of the room as well. Place them on one side of the mantel. For the “one” part, pick a large object and place it on the other end of your mantel. This item should be bigger that the three objects, at least twice as big. It should have something in common with the three objects on the opposite side of the mantel — may be the color or the shape or texture. The “three plus one” mantel decorating trick works with all decorating styles. Here are a few ways to decorate a mantel.

Decorating A Mantel

To create a modern looking mantel, choose a striking piece of sculpture. It can be an abstract art in the form of a flower vase or a spray-painted branch. Use colors like soft gray, bright yellow, and a soft coral color. A great combination will be to place a white lacquer mirror with bright yellow vases.You can also place two types of flower vases in an alternate manner with alternate flowers to create a fun modern mantel decor. One important thing to remember is to use a single piece of art to make a powerful statement on a modern mantel. A modern funky and creative set up uses bold colors to attract attention.

The mantel can act as shelf to display all the souvenirs you have collected from your foreign trips. Just team it up with an inlaid mirror and a pair of long shaped candlesticks to create the global feel. Another idea is to use a long, old wooden box in the center on your mantel in which you can place all your little treasures collected over a period.

Traditional Or Classic
Create symmetry, simplicity and balance with your art pieces. Candles are necessary if you plan to decorate the mantel in the traditional way. Place two silver or crystal candlesticks on the ends of the mantel with a photo frame between them. You can also place three candles in different-sizes, put them in one corner, and keep an art piece in the other corner. Stack a pile of books or an antique clock to enhance the traditional look.

A colonial style mantel décor reverberates with wooden decorating items, especially in rich woods of beautiful oak, maple, cherry, mahogany and walnut. You can pick up wooden photo frames in any of these woods, insert a family photo, and place the frame on the mantel. Also, use clay pottery items like flower vases and fruit bowls to infuse the colonial style mantel decoration. Place a wrought iron decoration like a candle stand in one corner. This will add charm and warmth to a home.

The idea is to decorate without cluttering as a country style mantel is done with minimalistic designs. The look is very rustic with a modern touch. Fabrics play an important role in this décor. So hang a long vintage scarf in pink, green, yellow or red with fruit or floral embroidery to pull up this theme. Use vintage pieces like a lantern or a bowl and fill it with pinecones or sprigs of red berries. Also, place a scented candle in a tin sconce to add warmth to the decoration.

This bohemian styled mantel will have an interesting mix of feathers and photos. You can use a glass jar or tumbler to place a bunch of feathers on one side of the mantel. Also, place a medium sized mirror with a frame color that matches your feathers. Carved wood candleholders and a variety of framed black and white photos add a personal touch to your mantel. Place them randomly, rather than creating any symmetry or pattern.

Add a touch of romance to your home décor by decorating your mantel in shades of pink, white and red with glittering glass art. Nothing is more romantic than flowers; so make provision to arrange fresh flowers in a vase or bowl. For a modern romantic look, stack up a few romantic novels near the flower vase. You can also fill a beautiful crystal jar with red and pink balls or heart shaped confectionary and place them in front. A cute couple photo finishes the romantic style mantel décor.

Create the themes from the four seasons and use it to decorate your mantels. Decorate with a vibrant mix of fall colors like mustard yellow, sage green, turquoise, and light blues. You can also place pieces of dried twigs from your backyard. The wonderful winter styled mantel can be done in simple whites and greys. For the spring style, place decorative pieces like pumpkins, a jar of grains and a mini lamp. A potpourri bowl will add to the scent of fresh spring season.

This is the easiest mantel decoration style where you can use natural items to decorate, without spending a penny. For making flower vases, you can just create a hollow space in a log trunk and place with your favorite flowers. Style birds nest with small dried twigs. You can place real eggs or fake ones in it. To complete the look place two terracotta pots with a cactus plant. Make groups with driftwood and branches or just place a fruit basket to capture nature at its best.

Create the perfect Halloween or Christmas décor by hanging wreath at the back. You can go for the classic red and green theme with a row of mini conifers. Create a bed of greenery on the shelf and place your Christmas decorative items like a star or a bulb. You can also hand a row of Christmas socks. For Halloween, place the traditional pumpkin and adorn the mantel with a string of lights in orange or red color. Use black color art pieces to create a surreal style. Place the Hanukkah menorah in the center of the mantel. Another creative idea is to fill a large glass dish with wooden dreidles and Styrofoam balls in an assortment of colors.

Decorating a mantel is fun way to give a makeover to your room. Apart from these styles, you can also use other themes like flowers, clock, pottery, crystals, mirror, figurines and photos to decorate. Placing a variety of shapes and sizes of objects create an interesting pattern in your overall theme.