How To Decorate A Foyer

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how to decorate a foyer

Sometimes the smallest spaces in your home could be the most difficult to decorate. However, that does not mean that you greet your guests and family members to a space that looks tatty, cluttered or dismal. Your home foyer is the first room that your guests encounter. Hence, it is important to invest some extra thought, care and planning while decorating it. Agreed, the architecture of a space helps lend some definition to it, but that is not enough. Your home foyer serves as a bridge between your public and private space. Being the face of your home, it is important that the entryway looks organized and appealing. Spend a little extra time decorating this oft-ignored space and you will simply love the effect it has on the overall décor of your home. Step into a visitor’s shoes for a moment, walk outside and assess how your home entryway looks and feels from outside. Your home entryway should be nice and inviting and should make the visitors feel at home. Use this small area to create a sense of expectancy in your guests and make them want to come in for more. Here are some great tips to decorate your foyer.

Foyer Decorating Ideas

    • Decorating foyer is very important; it sets the tone for your house and creates first impression when someone enters your home. So, do not dare to decorate your foyer casually. Rather, you should do it with the same passion and perfection, as you would decorate a living room.
    • Consider putting a pedestal table in your foyer with a chandelier hanging above it. To create a warm and welcoming ambiance, place a floral centerpiece or a sculptural piece on the table. If space is a constraint, then you may go for other alternatives like a demilune table or a console table.
    • To give a finishing touch to the walls, add a painting or hang framed prints.
    • As a thoughtful deed, add a chair to the corner of the foyer to help guests remove their shoes comfortably before stepping in. If the foyer is small, then consider adding a long bench along the wall that could serve the same purpose without consuming much space.
    • No need to mention the importance of an area rug without which your foyer decor is incomplete.
    • Arrange fresh flowers to create a more welcoming ambiance indoors.
    • You must install a dimmer switch to control lighting so that you can create different ambiance according to the demand of the situation.
    • Keeping a mirror with a demilune table accentuated with a stunning floral arrangement will bring an extra element of elegance into your interior.
    • Foyer is a part of your interior; do not treat it as something different. The paints should go well with the colors selected for the rest of the interiors. If you want to try something dramatic, opt for different hues like navy blue, chocolate brown, Chinese red, or even black for the foyer walls.
    • For a more striking effect, you can use delicate, hand-painted wallpaper or luxurious silk fabric too. As foyers are usually smaller as compared to other rooms, you won’t need to spend a fortune to dress up the walls.
    • Your foyer should be provided with good lighting — your guests should not stumble during a late-time visit. Chandelier is best choice for a grand foyer while wall sconces or track lights are best for long narrow hallways. Track lighting could provide additional benefit — it could be used to highlight framed photos, painting or any other art works on the wall.
    • It would be an art-dipped welcome for your guest if you could set up a display gallery in the foyer. Anything from artwork to photographs or beautiful sculpture or bronze would be a perfect fit in this gallery.
    • Plants bring life inside your home. So, do not hesitate to place a potted plant in your foyer. Not only does it look welcoming, but also provides a lively and energetic interior with all the essence of surrounding nature.
    • Arranging a key hanger would help you avoid any mess related to the keys. You may hang it right next to the main door. Or else, you may keep the keys inside the drawer of a table kept in the foyer.
    • Go for a round table if you have a curved wall in the foyer because, the curve of the table would go well with the curve of the wall.

Foyer Decoration Accessories

    • When it comes to decorating your foyer, blindly bet on art pieces. Drawings, paintings, photography, prints, sculpture, vintage posters etc. make for great decoration options.
    • Baskets, boxes and vessels, candleholders, clock, display stands and pedestals, mirrors, permanent botanicals, picture frames, screens and dividers, vases—you can choose from a gamut of furniture and knick-knacks to adorn your entryway.
    • Flooring options include good flooring finishes like natural oil finish, medallions, specialty flooring, wood flooring, etc. Adding carpets and rugs are also a good idea to deck up the floor.
    • Lighting is a key aspect of foyer decoration. You can go for options like atmospheric lighting, cable and track lighting, ceiling mounts, chandeliers, fiber optic lighting, floor lamps, pendants, recessed lighting, table lamps, task lighting, vanity lighting, wall sconces and may more.
    • You can deck up the windows with good curtains and cornices. Popular window treatment includes adding window shutters, blinders and shades.

Foyer, the small but important space, should be decked up from a guest’s point of view rather than filling it up with anything you wish. Hope this article provided you with some valuable tips and ideas on how to deck up a foyer.