Girls Bedroom Makeover


girls bedroom makeover

For every parent, their daughter is a little princess, regardless whether she is in her pre-teens or just entered one or heading towards becoming an adult. As girls are candidly inclined towards beauty, tranquility and aesthetics, a girl’s room should reflect the feminine in her! Little details such as placing a beautiful photo frame at her desk or ornamenting the mirror with flowers, or changing the theme of her bedroom can give a fresh and dainty look to her bedroom. A bedroom makeover can have a very positive impact on a girl’s disposition and moods. A beautifully crafted bedroom can make her more radiant and lively, where she can spend hours and cherish those moments for years to come! A girl’s bedroom should provide her with ample space where she can explore her creativity and relate to everything present there such as her bed, wardrobe, windows, study area, cabinets, the table lamp, curtains, and of course her mirror! Discover some of the attractive ways of revamping of a girl’s bedroom right here.

Girls Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Color Scheme
Every girl fascinates about her favorite pink, yellow, red, orange or any other color. She has her own peculiar blend of CMYKs or RGBs. Make her happy simply by embellishing her bedroom with her favorite color palette. The wall or the wallpaper should have the tones of her desired color. The bedcovers and the linens can accompany similar hues, while the cushions and curves can be contrasting to add depth to her room. Even the furniture should be painted accordingly to get along with the lavender, fuchsia or the violet she chooses! To make her room more dazzling, instead of using a single color, apply various tints and shades of that particular hue.

Theme Based Bedrooms
Theme based bedrooms are very popular now a days. A girl’s room can be adorned by applying a single theme in it. There are infinite numbers of themes available to decorate a girl’s room such as rainbow, garden, animals, crayons, kites, dolls, movie theme, beach theme, moonlight, ocean, stars, angels, fairies, cottage style, tea party, princess, castles and the list is endless! The colors will be based on the themes selected. For instance, a beach theme will have more of browns, sea greens and whites whereas, a garden theme will have more of greens, yellows, oranges, etc. Allow her to relate to her chosen theme, which can also be altered from time to time!

The Mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall…your daughter is the prettiest of all! For every girl, her mirror is a very special element in front of which she can spent hours admiring her unique gifted qualities! Let the mirror speak for her! Decorate it with flowers, pebbles, small soft toys, shells and other favorite accessories. Also, a full-fledged beautifully crafted dressing table can add grace and feminine characteristic to her bedroom.

Window Treatments
Curtains with floral patterns and bright colors add grace to the windows. Even lace curtains with beautiful embroidery work add elegance to a girl’s bedroom. Alternatively, pink or yellow satin curtains reflect maidenly attributes in a girl’s bedroom. Draperies and curtains should be light and airy to allow a lot of sunlight and breeze enter her bedroom. You can also hang beads, sponge flowers or scarves on the windows.

Stylish pink and purple carnations and butterflies on the walls, an orange lava lamp beside her bed, strings of beads at the doorway, a beautiful rug near her bed, artistic trellises and all these accessories will enhance the beauty of her personal space. Don’t ignore the cabinets and book shelves! Bedroom interiors should augment her learning power and make her more creative. A canopy over a girl’s bed will make her feel very special! A fanciful artwork on the wall or showcased at her table can be a delight for her! You can even decorate a girl’s room using bold alphabets that spell her name or her first initials!

Today’s bedrooms are not just meant for resting and reclining, they should also endow plenty of space for playing games and entertaining friends. Thus, the furniture should be decided very diligently and should be functional as well as stylish! A wooden settee, hanging bubble chair, a static miniature chair or a stylish ottoman delightfully draped is the perfect place where a girl can read her favorite book while enjoying the natural outdoors. Attractive cabinets decorated with Barbie stickers or flowers and wooden shelves for her books and CDs will give a fashionable and classy look to a teen’s room. To keep her room clutter free, add cabinets with multiple drawers and a small wicker basket to her wooden shelf. Old jars can be skillfully crafted to keep pencils, markers, pens and other stationery. They also bestow an aesthetic appeal to her study area, making it more amenable!

To sum up, whether she is your daughter or friend, a girl’s room should allow her to grow in her delicate adolescent years – a transition from pre-teens to teens! With the help of above decorating ideas, you can easily do a successful makeover of a girl’s room transiting it from childish to stylish! The decorating elements should be well interconnected that should reveal her own unique personality and traits – her own paradise!