Furniture Placement Ideas

furniture placement ideas

Proper placement of furniture not only accentuates a favorite piece of furniture, but the room as a whole. Proper arrangement of furniture can make a small room appear larger and vice-versa and make the most of your room space. Agreed, chalking out an apt furniture arrangement may be a bit painstaking and time-consuming. There are certain key aspects that you must ponder over before you choose a particular furniture arrangement. It is true that a proper furniture arrangement is one of the vital aspects of your home’s interior décor – it can make or mar the entire décor and make your space look clean or cluttered. Hence, propriety in the arrangement of furniture is of utmost importance so as to not to jeopardize the splendor of the interior. Apart from aesthetic considerations, proper furniture placement helps to create a warm and welcoming ambience too. Here are some basic tips, which you must heed to if you wish to create a comfy space within your home.

Tips On Furniture Arrangement

Feng Shui
It is a popular practice to arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui. It is believed that placing the furniture according to Feng Shui helps to channelise the flow of good energy. However, to achieve this you must study a bit of FengShui before you start placing your furniture.

The Layout
Draw a furniture layout. Make a list of all of your furniture items and also the items like lamps, wall hangings, electronic items in the room, etc. and then try different arrangements. See which one works better. Look for an arrangement, which allows more light to enter the room and allows enough room for movement.

Heed The Focal Point
Focal point is an important thing to consider before you place your furniture in living room, drawing room or kitchen. Figure out the focal point in the room. For instance, if you are considering a living room furniture layout, the focal point will be TV, or a fireplace, a painting or even the windows. In a dining room, the focal point will be the dining table, and in a bedroom, it will be the bed. Therefore, you must arrange everything keeping the focal point in mind. In case, you have not been able to locate the focal point of the room, then walk across the room, and see which thing catches your eyes first? Is it the window or the entertainment center or is it the couch? After you locate the focal point, arrange all the furniture items around it. However, it is not essential to place your furniture facing the focal.

Placing The Large Furniture First
It is advisable to place the large furniture first. For a living room with entertainment center as the focal point, arrange the couch first. Now place the chairs around the couch and other furniture items like the coffee table. However, sometimes the room might be too large for example a living and dining combined, or dining and kitchen room combined. In that case, there will be two focal points. In such a case, you have to pay equal emphasis on both the areas as regards to furniture placement.

Striking A Balance
Striking a balance has to be on the top of your priorities while placing furniture.People often tend to overload one room with too many furniture while leaving others scarcely occupied. Also, ensure that all your furniture is not clustered at one particular corner of the rooms while leaving rest of the room vacant.

The Usage
See which items are the most frequently used. Place them in a way so that they are easily accessible. For instance, in a kitchen, cutlery cupboard has to be placed within the cooking range. Follow the similar pattern while placing items like sofa, fireplace and TV in the living room.

Comfort is one more key factor that you must keep in mind while placing your furniture. A home is all about comfort and convenience. Hence, it is extremely crucial that you pay heed to comfort while adopting a particular layout for your furniture arrangements. Also, make sure that there is sufficient space and floor area to move around easily. For kitchen, ensure that at least two people are able to comfortably use it at the same time. The living room furniture must be so arranged that one doesn’t need to walk all the way from one corner of the room to the other just to access a bookshelf.

Lastly, impression is another important factor that you must keep in mind while placing your furniture. When you arrange your furniture in a particular way, see what impression it creates. Make sure it conforms to your requirement and aspirations. Your furniture arrangement must seem to be aesthetic and at the same time convenient and welcoming to your guests.